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I used to be shy Scared and alone Surrounded by darkness that was my own I never talked much Afraid of others What would they say? I was never popular, teased yes
A rose shielded by thorns the description that perfectly describes me you see another magnificent piece of God's artwork on display that's never to be touched for I fear…
Today, We are caught and swept away,
The first time I wrote a poem I was in third grade
I cant seem to get my hair straight for crap. 
There is not one word That could describe who I am. I will just list them. Funny and goofy.
If it's true, What they say About a picture Being worth a thousand words, Why do we hide? Behind all these filters? These lies?   I hate my smile.
So, you want to know who I am?Are you sure you can handle the answer?So many answer this question with the usual:I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, a worker.
Posted 12 weeks ago: Angled to make my face look slimmer Posted 9 weeks ago: Edited to make my skin look lighter Posted 7 weeks ago: Blurred to erase my imperfections Posted 4 weeks ago:
When I was a child I was my true self
No filter is needed to see who this is A girl with such a bliss Someone who they miss But in history, they've shown of me what should be As now I uncover my destiny Now the filters may disappear
“Oh thank god for the Lo-fi filter, I haven’t been tanning in weeks!” “Well at least you’re skinny! What am I like, supposed to do?” …So we hide behind a filter to mask the blemishes and imperfections.  
Hearts and thumbs up seem to feed our souls  We feel the need to recieve validation by the touch of others through a screen
A mountain only falters in the moment before it collapses Just as I do. We stand tall and proud and firm As the world carves us hollow.  
Hashtag "no filter" What does it mean? No changes, no edits All just as it seems   A picture is posted No filter ignored We idealize beauty from a news feeds board  
Mono, Tonal, Noir, Fade Why must I use one of these to receive no shade?   No shade for the way my skin has small blotches, But I notice the way he or she watches My face.   
Black-eyed behemoth 
Cut offs instead of skirts, t-shirt instead of sweaters, earbuds instead of earrings, is what makes my life a lot better.   Didn't fake a smile as a kid,
A small circle lens knows the real me, two brown oval eyes, a small round nose, a smile that glows and hair that flows. A girl that hides behind, heartbreak and tears. You will never see it in her pictures,
Gritty, grimey, beautiful, different Weird, outspoken, random, structured Victim, survivor, helper, advocate Determined, resiliant, hard-worker, teammate Granddaughter, daughter, neice, sister
Some people contest with me about my own identity, As if I were a defined word they knew, that I was not keen on understanding.
Truth is something one must give to himself.
My filter protects my sight, It covers the world for me. I use it to show what I wish to be; A more perfect, flawless version of me.   I strip away the smile: That straight-toothed, polite smile
There are those same brown eyes that stare back at me in the mirror every day Happy? I don’t know, but I could fool anyone I sometimes stand emotionless and empty inside, but appear complete on the outside
Pretending is more challenging Then accepting reality. So why pretend? Why keep up the act?   I don’t.   Simplicity is a desire
Rebecca Harris No Filter Scholarship Slam 13 February 2015 Buried Treasure If the world chose who I would be
Under these heavily shadowed eyelids are green eyes that cry a lot Under her curled hair is a mind that overthinks things, with constant anxious thoughts Under this lipstick is a smile that is curved to hide the pain
I am myself With no filter. Playing music as loud as it can go, Dancing in my room,  Signing at the top of my lungs, With no filter.  Glasses on,  Sweatpants keepng me warm, 
I am a series of syllables, Thrown together with whimsy and chance. I am a sea of endless thoughts with waves so large they threaten to pull me under and drown me.
These filters This lighting "No no no, wait that one wasn't good Let's take another" We're all so worried about looking good all the time
Who is this guy? I have a vague recollection of his existence, Seems like he came back with a vengeance, This guy just told me he took more than a small step forward, but he got his legs shot off,
Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat.Your connection to the rest of the worldYou take a photoYou want to share itBut first you have to “fix” it
If I feel like you don't love me You should know that is a problem Understand what I'm saying
The path I’ve taken is much less traveled, I didn’t choose the path I took, For my journey was far from easy. But the more I think and the harder I look, The better I see how my life was unraveled.  
I am beautiful See the pools of dark brown soil   with hints of gold that reach for the light those are my eyes I am beautiful See the skin that glows  when I smile so vibrantly 
Humanity leads to failure I lead to humanity  Am I a failure? Do I prove myself a white picket fence future? Am I entitled to eveyone elses opinions? Can you see right through me?
Some say truth lies within a reflection of ourselves behind the mirror  beyond the filters of filters we know  and all we try to fight against  my mirror stands before me 
My heart feels heavy, not heavy enough for me not to be able to carry, just heavy enough for me to feel weary, it’s so scary, I’m near January.
Words come easy, but people are the problem. Typing for hours without a single sound. Looking for an escape. A new world. Looking to tell a story no one has heard before. Listen close because you my find
I’m no Cinderella Never lost a glass slipper Never got prince charming I’m no Cinderella Always felt strange Faraway Slipping away Always felt strange
Make-up. Make-up. Make up. Make. up. You are making yourself up.   What is that? Expression? Self awareness? Beauty? Faking someone out?   Nobody needs that.
 The tears burn as they run down my cheeks, And slide down to my shirt. Sleep has hidden itself for weeks While I ask, "when will He end this hurt?" I try so hard to smile
With no filter, I am bland. I am ordinary. I am, nude. With no filter, I am like you.   With no filter, I am feriocious. I am true. I am, revealed.
Who could be me? No one but me Take a Picture what do I see? A reality of my beauty within thee No filter needed at all I love myself just as I am no one could make me fall
i was the guy sell you anything under the sky i was that guy that if i didn't have it, id take it i was that guy to fight cause you looked at me wrong
#NoFilter Scholarship Slam
Who am I today? Thoughtful, Smart, Unstopable Bubbly, Happy, Kind Irritated, Angry, Rude Who am I today? Am I a force of nature? Am I quiet? Am I talkative? Who am I today?
Being a student can be fun, but also crazy I can see the lifestyle creeping on students when they start to get lazy For me high school is a roller coaster It has its ups and downs but I make sure I never frown 
1) My makeup is never perfect but I post pictures when it looks good that day.2) My pictures are never straight because I have a crooked smile   and tilting the angle a little makes the bad angle of my front teeth go away.
People make mistakes
Without the filter, the make up Without the lights and the masks? Nothing? Who am I? What am I? Really. Broken. Without the makeup, the filter, the lights and the masks, I am the real me.
Without filters I am fragile, scared, unsure, and lost.
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