Slam for Suicide Awareness and Prevention

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Razors rope knives guns drugs dope Building cliff cars water electricity starve Alcohol fire poison suffocate jump— Pick and choose. You pick and choose. Choose your method of self-destruct.
Living in a world that I don't want to live inI hate it here If I had the strength to end my life I would But I'm a coward
Each time that my mind was finally ready to end it all, I stood on the end of a bridge, ready to jump. It always seemed like it would be quick and cheap. The pain would end before I had a chance to even register it.
You never blamed anyone but yourself It didn't matter that you were always the one there for everyone else You thought that everything was your fault Even though you had no control over any of it at all
As I look down and see what that night did you, I reflect on how I though that walking through the gates were best for me, And now I see that they were detrimental to you,
Smiling wide Im happy. I laugh and love im here for you,  your struggles don't need to be dealt with alone.  
It's an endless well that you've fallen into, feeling a tugging hunger but having no appetite, taking two steps forward and being pulled five back. It's seeing every flaw,
She can see her brother through the crack. He’s resting his hand on the door he’s used so few times And thinks that she could be sleeping, On just the other side.  
As I’m lying stiff in my bed, Listening to the empty streets, Absorbing the buzzing of tiny insects, And analyzing the peaceful swishing of leaves As they sway back and forth in the wind, I inhale.
Suicide is a scary word But not as risky as losing her Who she grew up to become, nobody knew For the job she wore was already through  
I see a little girl I used to be She knows how to smile She knows that she’s worth everything She doesn’t care about what others might think
the water falls from nowhere as it obliviates everything in its path so beautifully yet equally as terrifying.  As it falls on the paper the ink bleeds creating a mesmerizing swirl of darkness.
Let the waves take me under, let my tired lungs fill with tears. Like my mother's, who wept for years. I got it from her. Mother knew best.
Do you see me? Do you feel me? Can you feel the pain, the ache inside of me?   'Cause I'm alone fearful to hope. Terrified I'll drown and no one will be home.   So I just wander inside my head,
My brother in arms Battles against the world, himself, And me. His entire family.   My brother in arms, An encyclopedia who seems to know the entire world— And everything throughout—
The One who calls from the Light, declares all who submit will be free. I have seen what life in Death has done, almost stealing my life away from me.   For fiery passions and endless sadness,
Feeling that the world is closing you in to the brink of suffocation with no relief Feeling that the world has left you exposed in the open with no comfort of companionship  
Nothing is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong. Why don’t you smile? Smile. What the fuck is wrong with you? Stop feeling sorry for yourself. People have it worse than you do.
Bring me sadness, bring me pain. Bring me something, I'm going insane. I need help, are you there? No one is, not anywhere. I'm in the shadows where no one seeks. I'm losing balance, I'm very weak.
A lot of people have trouble expressing themselves; dressing in distress, sometimes unable to address themselves, lost to guess where they should go next
In high school I didn't learn much, I mean I don't remember much. Yes I can tell you that a^2 + b^2 = c^2 or that sentences must be punctuated.  But the one thing I really remember from high school and I mean vividly remember. 
Sometimes I wonder If you remember that night Of his pilgrimage And my sixth grade graduation When we were yelling through the door
It’s not what you want to hear, So I won’t tell you now,   But someday maybe you’ll see We're both better off without me.  
I am the voice for the mentally insane. I speak on behalf of the those with voices locked inside their brain. The ones who dream of angels but live with demons. I speak on behalf of the depressed.
I Never Knew   I know this is a common phrase by people like me But I never knew   You should have told me You could have trusted me
I’m almost there, To the point of killing myself Almost made it. Just a few more inches.   I’m almost there, Just a few more words Then I’m gone Out of this place  
I'm huddled in my corner With nothing left to show for my sins The walls are growing colder And I see the world through a twisted lense I look down at my canvases They're riddled with lines fading away
  Fat Ugly Stupid Slut Whore Prude Bitch Faggot
Dedicated to all the people who took there life when they thought nobody knew how they felt...   Where is the light That once shined so bright
If only I could be your knight in shining armor break those gender stereotypes save you instead of the other way around Break you out of your shell
Day by day, The colors fade. Morphed identities, Torn hearts, And bleeding smiles. All hidden under a translucent facade. Is it blindness Or is it ignorance? They are oblivious to
Hush little baby don't you cry, Put down that blade and don't be shy. Take a breath and close your eyes Don't listen to all their lies.   Hush little baby, down you lay
A shroud of ghostly light Sunders the once dark night, Shining on a dismal form, On one who has done much harm
I laugh. I smile. I tell jokes. I'm okay, is what I say.   (I cry   I weep   I'm falling,   spiraling     Help)  
Darkness swells across the misty moors.Silent shapes, heaving-weaving.The silver moon slowly grows black,as all warmth disappears from the dead maniac sun.  
Just take a moment and think of this  A arm that's bruised and beaten  Ripped open from the outside in    Think about this  A leg cut open from years of being dismissed  Just a teenager over reacting 
Sometimes we fall,Sometimes we slip up,But no mater what happens music is here for US.
Sometimes I wonder what the present is,I wonder what the sun feels like,
I hate the world, I hate my friends, I have no more love,
I’m tired of feeling this way. I’m tired of being the irrelevant character in a plot that doesn’t need me. I’m tired of giving the world to someone who doesn’t want it.
When you get the news, your heart stops. Not a success, its just an attempt, All the same, your stomach drops. But with that kind of fear, no one’s exempt.   Suddenly you can’t think straight,
It haunts me. No! I wont. Not again. I left that habit. I fought to stop. I know it's wrong But the voices. The voices in my head. They tell me its enough They tell me to quit
Do you see it? The rain? It's the tears of sad souls. Do you hear it? The thunder? It's the screams of those who have lost. Do you feel it? The sunshine?
Days go by but nothing changes,  The pain comes in different ranges, I look for comfort in different places, but im rejected by familiar faces, so I look to escape this brutal reality, 
Lately I am guilty of losing the little things:
Why couldn't you save me? I tried to tell you, I tried to let you see, but instead you withdrew,
She was unbreakable Nothing fazed her She was alway smiling And everyone knew her name   That quirky tilt of her head Always arguing with herself And that black sweatshirt whe always wore
Misread and verbally beated Unloved and mistreated Alone and unneeded No one knows the way their river flows Always ignored, the pain grows
I don't understand why people think I'm crazy For wanting riddance For wanting silence All of this is just defiance For wanting death to overcome me!  I desire it so just for the pain to cease
The chained bird sings its freedom song... Spread your wings and take flight...
I thought you could see me, behind the frosted glass window But I am but a shadow, a faded memory You cannot fathom my pain, you cannot understand my thoughts
Hey there Lonely, I want you to know that you aren't alone. That you aren't the only one. And I know that that blade, those pills - They are rather tempting. Trust me, I know.
she sings me to sleep with a dark lullaby and convinces me it's peaceful she's the first one home and the first one to leave but she never stays gone for long she's an unwelcomed guest who demands to be welcomed and
An eighteen year old girl should not have to be surrounded An eighteen year old shouldn’t need to drown in their thoughts A person should never be consumed   My friend is no longer my friend
How can one prevent such a thing as suicide, When half of the world is blind To the pain people see everyday In life, the world, even a friendly place Step number one is open up your eyes
My Room. Its calm.
To your smooth shining surface To your razor sharp edge   You are my sinister brush For this hurting canvas   Sadly holding you tightly Gliding you across the delicate surface  
Demons live But not at night;
Wouldn’t it be easy? A hand full of pills, Gently sliding down my throat, Poisoning my body,
The wind picks up and the horizon turns burgundy red The people of this city scurry to their expensive cars  Racing to get home to see the kids, to finish the game, for dinner. But what they don’t see
It's bright, so bright, too bright. Shining, blinding, burning the light.  Standing next to the sun, unimaginable height. Forced ot go down, using all of my might.   
Seeing these days of darknes
A powerful genie An english teacher A psychologist A man trapped in a board game An actor A comedian A friend If he felt this way, who else does?
Young in age but aged so young Denied no hymnal yet to be sung Against Her good nature, no heed to Her grace Death stole a lamb with no wool to replace. Placed in the Valley, taken tomorrow
What a shame that the world has cracked 
We all have our inner demons, the shadow-monsters that follow us whispering abuse in our ears. You may not see them, but they follow everyone,  and sometimes they're strong, too strong
My emotions run to high, they bubble over yet stay inside. I bleed my thoughts through this pen,  my pain being read over sheets of tattered paper.
Let me slip away from this earth. My soul has endured too much. My heart has been broken from the evils of this world. Let me gasp in the glory of your
Doors without locks Windows glued shut One Zoloft by day Insomnia by night My week in a mental hospital After I tried to make it all go away   Don't tell me I'm okay
Hello Friend Here you come agian Come have a seat with me Then leave me in agony But still I'll await your return I don't know anyone else Hello Friend It's so dark here
She sits alone all by herself 
He sits on the bench grasping his ticket  he looks at the train schedules and sees that his train is not due for a long while.  he looks out the window through the thicket and sees no one, not even a single smile.
Why do I always feel so alone? Nobody at school  Nobody at home I'm constantly searching Never finding Something that would serve to hold me and bind me Looking for friends Looking for love
Watery Sight at times of lonesome Nights, To Ponder, To Whimper of tomorrow’s whispers and what will be in store Or if I’ll mourn. Boiled blood, tears are shed and burn to nothing
I sit and I hold your fire
It creeps in like a fogblanketing the sky in pale graySlowly it seeps into the lungsa lethargic poison, aging the bonesIt tunes the heart’s metronome indifferently
Like a dark seed  blooming in the night. The warnings I did not heed, everyone thought it was such an awful fright!   Can I help but want to fight a choice not my own?
The light in her eyes fade The shimmering in her eyes, now as black as coal No meager words can be found to describe how her heart aches This agony. This wretchedness. This torment.
You wouldn't think that it would be this hard to listen to your own thoughts and your own heart. The silence doesn't help, it only makes it worse. The silence makes my thoughts lonely, makes my mind race.
It's cold But the sun is out She's surrounded by a shadow It keeps her quiet and alone
While she was hurting inside Her friends decided to put her aside She was beautiful and bright Yet she could not seem to find any light The future extremely worried her Money problems had mother and father She tried to fight the terrible feeling
When you are born; you’re new New like a crisp clean canvas Just waiting for color of the life that you’ll live Some of it may be red, some of it blue It waits for events by only you
I saw him lie therecold still, and grasping for airThe pills were many but still too fewHe flatlined sooner than I even knewUrgently saved, yet another time
Little left was said, Just memories in our heads. Bullet to the brain... Crazy! Not insane. Whispers in the dark, He cried from a broken heart. Baby all alone... Momma left this home.
Don't take out your unhappiness on me, It may just lead to another tragedy. Lord knows, We have enough of those. Do your best to make them smile, While you don’t think you’re worthwhile.
Students like me have to go around pleasuring those who have authority over us There is no such thing as resting All there is… testing I want to protest against it But what can I say?
You slapped me for a year, I endured.
Talented; in all her artistic endeavors,
In the beginning there was the World, HE and I. The World was vast and forgiving and I was happy.  
"You have me, just take my hand."  I said, As you sailed into the depths, But remember I do care, my light shines through your windows, Your heart is my home too.
Blood goes down my leg, Blood goes dripping down my body. And honestly, I really don't care. I like the feeling of being cut. I like how I can cut myself, How no one else can. I like how when I cut,
Scrambled eggs inside my head, Words untold and words unsaid, I could not write to tell a tale, I could not speak in fear I'd fail, Yet here I sit upon a chair, My thoughts spill out as in repair,
Oh only if people could really see Even behind these curtains things aren't all perked up as they're supposed to be. My sole intent is to bring people joy So no one can end up like this broken boy.
While i sit here reminiscing on the fond memories that Robin Williams gave me, the one that struck me the most is Jumanji. 
You say this is it This is the day The day I take my life The day I die You are grabbing a belt You are grabbing a knife You are stepping onto that bridge
Every single choice you make right now affects your future. One wrong decision and your life can be fucked. Scared to make the wrong decisions. What if I end up unhappy?
This is a poem for people who are having trouble understanding that depression is not something that just happens...   What you don't seem to know is how this works how everything seems fine on the outside,
They are the reasons I am restless most nights, While my mind ponders over such thoughts in fright, Am I as much of a monster as my mind portrays me to be,
Boy meets girl and girl meets monster. He glares at her charming crow’s feet. He scoffs at her intelligence.
  The wind blows, the leaves fall, but time still seems to stop You close your eyes, and pray to God, that your heart doesn’t pop You feel the bench below you; you see the grass and trees,
I was 12 when it crept in Like a shy spider My web of anxieties was spun But I wasn't strong enough to cut it   Instead I tickled my wrists And when they laughed too loudly
Oh no... I feel it creeping up again, the sad thoughts and troubling memories that haunt my dreams at night. What can I do to help myself?
Little one it is okay, Little on i am here with you now. Little one put the knife down, I am here now.  I know your angry,
Rest In Peace we post because he's gone Robin Williams one of our own Suffering from severe depression Were we blind? The truth is no one ever looked him in the eye Bent over laughing thinking he's so happy
  Please Forgive…     Please forgive the lies, those lies, you realized were real lies in your eyes. Forgive my tick, my tick that flicks when you click my impatience.
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