Thought of Death

Watery Sight at times of lonesome Nights,

To Ponder,

To Whimper of tomorrow’s whispers and what will be in store

Or if I’ll mourn.

Boiled blood, tears are shed and burn to nothing

Pure hatred, frustrated at my cursed world,

I regain my humanity till the next day.


For the longest,

I’ve dreamed of death as my Liberator

From my stained Body;

Eventually I got high on sunshine, and fell in love with the sky-


In a Green escape that bares fruits and hope


my wonderland


Let my spirit renew and fill with the water


From the river and let it always be fresh-


my return never old,


Age cannot change my ballet for my soul


forever signed onto contracts in blood.



Now I see my warm body as a gift, a gift to change others with

A touch, a word,

With related hugs and exchange

I only want others now to find their Green escape.


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