I'm (Not) Okay

I laugh.

I smile.

I tell jokes.

I'm okay, is what I say.


(I cry


I weep


I'm falling,







I'm surrounded by smiles.

By endless support,

By family and friends.

I see this every day.


(But they don't love me


They don't care


They don't understand)


I go to school.

I do my homework.

I get good grades.


(But none of it matters


Because no one cares


It's only me


I can't crawl out of this abyss


I can't escape






I plead for help, but no one listens.

No one can see what is wrong.

They say it will pass.

But they don't know.

They don't understand.


(They don't care


So why bother?


What purpose is there?




There is nothing




I try to push through, day by day.

I laugh.

I smile.

I tell jokes.


I'm (not) okay.


I'm (not) okay.


I'm (not) okay.


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