The Plunge

The wind picks up and the horizon turns burgundy red

The people of this city scurry to their expensive cars

 Racing to get home to see the kids, to finish the game, for dinner.

But what they don’t see

Standing atop a tall building

Is the silhouette of a young girl

Peering over the edge of the window she’s perched herself upon

Her imperfect figure blanketed in a thick coat of sweat

The funny thing though:

Shes  smiling.

Her bony white fingers grip the rough brick walls

Her sneakers kiss the edge of the window sill

Cars zoom by and she gasps and pulls herself back

Lights flicker throughout this city

As she wonders who will notice

Who will care

Suddenly sirens in the distance

She’s been spotted

A caring bystander or

Maybe a success story, or just a concerned citizen

Knuckles whiten, bracing her body for impact

Calming her mind with the peace that will soon be

The thought of unconsciousness is so beautiful to her

Like white snow on the mountain tops

Rain in the hottest desert

She salivates to just the thought

Of her scarred body

Her beaten, neglected, mutilated, useless body

Smashing full force on the black tar below

Her bones shattering and feeling no pain

She dreams of flat line

The cardiac arrest that takes her life prisoner

Rather than her soul being held captive by her brain

The most beautiful noise in her poisoned mind

Her heart races and an eerie smile surfaces

Her usually sad, expressionless face

Is now full of emotion

Shes not afraid to die

Not afraid to leave

Not afraid to go

Shes afraid to live

To stay

To attempt suicide

And fail




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