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You say I'm quiet. Then you ask me a question. Do you expect sound?   I don't think you do. It doesn't matter anyway. I know you hear me.   You are my best friend.
A moonlit garden surrounded by olive trees — a serpent appears
your golden smiling your irresistible eyes my heart is all yours         in my defense im shit at writing haikus  i trieddddddddddd
Silent storm chaser  Sweet hail of rain, wildfire, and  Cumulonimbus.   A mystic lover 
I am a monsterI have to be obeyed-beware of my wrath....Mark Toney © 2018.10/10/2018 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
tiny fragile budclean prune cultivate nurture—precious child blossoms....Mark Toney © 2020.4/19/2020 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
wild thrill of the chasehummingbird and bumblebee~getting a buzz on....Mark Toney © 2020.11/16/2020 - Poetry form: Haiku,
concrete jungle heatsuffocating cityscape~ bare feet loving grass......Mark Toney © 2021.5/13/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
beach life by the seaearly morning getaway~ castles in the sand....Mark Toney © 2021.5/15/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
hardwood memorieswell-rooted, time-tested, safe~ hiking in mind's woods......Mark Toney © 2021.5/15/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
sly masked marauderrecklessly raucous raccoon~ the final frontier......Mark Toney © 2021.5/15/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you).
exotic fish swimaquarium-like setting~ Roku screensaver......Mark Toney © 2021.6/23/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
picking ripe plump figseach one marred by pecking holes~ pleasantly plump birds......Mark Toney © 2021.8/29/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
autumn reflectionswrinkled leaves wrinkled facesmourning dead leaves....Mark Toney © 2021.9/25/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
rocket power serveup the T on the deuce side~ point of no return....Mark Toney © 2021.9/26/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
lovely wallflowerwhat you see is what you get~ sheer simplicity......Mark Toney ©️ 2021.11/4/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
wrestling with evilwear complete suit of armor~ conquer with courage.rescued from onslaughtlies and misinformation~ loins girded with truth.safeguarding our heartsresisting the evil day
I’m bored, so I wrote 
I’m bored, so I wrote 
Beneath your bed hides, My sorrowful ghostly eyes. Be still, he who breathes.
They're piss poor pilots But they sure know how to play! Buzzing melodies
Cool winds blow fast here. White, bright, blue and black clouds loud Floating up above. Rakeshottam
skin laid as leaves my soul the seed, vessel bound hush, here comes the freeze
Remembered through smoke Alight with fresh fuel The embers fall slow
dollops of dandermighty mousers meander—cats with cattitude. . © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.  
Poetic delicacies,Chilled haiku sake,Sautéed clerihew au jus,Free-range limericksbaked to perfection,Footle fries,Yum!
little brown rabbitin a field of coyotes—hoppy survivor . . © 2018 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
birds twitter abouthidden pond comes into viewwater laps softly. . © 2018 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved. 
One happy-go-lucky senryuWas caught impersonating a haikuThey levied no finesBut deleted two linesNow she's a stick-in-the-mud monoku . . © 2019 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
birdsong melodiesgentle wind caressing leaves~ pleasing perfect pitch. .© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved..Original artwork by Jon McCormack
Coal nights are beauty When stars asleep, sound and tight. There's a lullaby.
Sweet morning glory That blooms flower everyday And rest at noon break.
Our beloved nature, Gift from our God Almighty. Earth bless its riches. Serve as bread weaner, Where we can eat, breath and sleep. To keep us, to live.
My smile is the Pen. No matter how wide it is; dark Ink -- it will Spurt!
The sun smiled to me. As she gently touch my cheeks, With her loving rays.
Beep! Beep! Beep! Leave a message --- For the heart you have dialed, Is no longer in service.
A sick animal Chimpanzee stays away from Darkness avoided
You were my best friend, Until change suddenly came And took you from me
Scars will never fade. Do not be ashamed of them They are battle scars  
i a m s o fULL o                          f ever y t hi n g & not                                   hing and aren't w e  All like ((that))  
"social distancing" No more dog walks at the park Drive-thru or take-out Grocery shopping More time spent with family Increased TV time
i      c l o s e d     my eyes tight                        the violin sounds j                 UST Like a Tremulous Leaf
with eyes full of stars                  they looked at each other and    only saw the                         s                         k                         y     
The mirror wept, cause Everyone who looked at her Saw only themselves  
Swift over desert... Flying through the air. Time stops! His legs, once, no more.
​churchyard blackberriesteeth burst purple sweetnessno tiger needed   
Trees sway wild and fierce Howling wind prepares for fate Night covers wicked.  
Kindness from strangers,  shows strength in humanity,bringing joy to all.    
my mother told me love is simply: terrified they could go away
Money does not meanAmount of affection yetReminds me you see 
It's odd but badges are motivation.  I want "Verified Poet".
:Hakiu: The wind breathes softly  my lungs inhale clear smoke  white clouds turning grey 
Venus joins Tinder Looking for her next lover But never swipes right
Slithering below. I reach my hand to touch it. My hand is now gone.
What on earth is sleep? Dining hall food and ramen. I think I've gained 20 pounds. Food, Coffee, Cry.  
Digger sleeps in comfy chair. Mom is still at work. Street light shines through the window.
high couphaiku.. . Chomolungma's famesherpas' legendary strength-beware the dead zone . . © 2019 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved..
wheel thrown pottery coils of clay willingly yield- master potter's touch  . . © 2019 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved. . .
The squonk is so sad In the dark forest it cries Because of it’s looks    In my yard lives squonk If I tell it it’s pretty  It becomes water
I first kissed a boy When young and sweet, but soon learned Men are not for me.
I didn't know that It was wrong when you didn't Know to say sorry
My mom got cancer But I was only fifteen Heartache made me grow
Clear sapphire sky A feathery cloud floats past The wise dreamer sees
To feel or exist Is to know without a doubt That you're in the depths.
I'm so terrified. What does this mean because it can't be innocent
They said that I can't I will show them that I can Even though I shake
The worm weeps alone  Never shall he dance again  Dried raisin in the sun 
to be queer is strange, but stranger is pretending for you that i’m not.   i am not a bug to be shut in a jar and
In the heights, I fear In balloon ride, I go In heights zero fear
Empty, flat, white sky, Cracked with black tree branches. The grass is yellow.
A small grey squirrel, Twitches his great, bushy tail, Then bounces away.  
The clouds are blissful. They show a silver lining. Life travels forward.
Hi, shiny sweetheart! When I am lost, I write you. You brighten me up!
A green leaf fell and I stood up to catch it; My breath was caught instead.   The wind managed to blow breaths to push leaves beyond
The Sun is so warm That the grass is very green, And here's panda bear!
Earth's ocean is dark So much of the black substance I am so angry
The weather is grand It is explosive this year A happy new year
The birds are flying Away from something shady. These birds sense danger.
The Earth is shaking And its cracks showcase chaos. Get away from them!
The clouds are swirling. It is a dangerous sight. It sucks up our day.
Baby birds and food. Who is going to feed them? Stomachs growl for food.
A dry pile of hay Horses chew with their strong jaws Breaking so much wind
The forest greeness I have seen from my warm home Creation of God
A huge land has sand. It is hot in the region. There is so much fire.
I'm an ambivert. I can be loud or silent, Ain't complicated.
I wish we're still kids, Who just play around with joy. No heartbreaks, no blues.
Goal, wait for me there... Gonna strive so hard for you. Promise! I'll reach you.
Mom, take me back there... Where things are smooth, plain and fine; When we're still complete.
So, she took the kids. But I took the fortnite dub. Now this is epic.
Whirr, click! Whirr, whirr, click! Torque jerks gears and chains to life. My Innovation.
not ev'ry sentence has to be a complete thought it's okay to be
Your choppy englishPaused, ashamed... you had to moveOnly frustration There's many like youLived a life, started anewThe same homesick sighs
Stolen gentle kiss In Synchronicity of love Art of getting lost   April 29, 2018
Damn Filthy Hippies Love, Drugs, Smoke, Sex, Brotherhood What's that all about?
Homework really sucks I hate it more than blue cheese I really hate school
I really like cheese But I really hate blue cheese Blue cheese is a sin  
My gaze falls, and damn; It is a unique school day. I've forgot my shoes.
Knives cut through hearts and the brain demands frigidness to freeze the red blood.
Alone and resting No disturbances around All is quiet here
Drooping eyes struggling To catch one last glimpse of a Conscious, restless world  
Wisps of pink streaked through A sky dominated by A glowing red sun  
Early morning light Casts down on a group of teens All writing haikus   Orange and black flut- Tering then still upon a Green sunlit clover
Don't know where to start I guess I'll start with hello My meek beginning
Dear my future self: You were destined for much more Better keep working hard (From your overachieving high school self)
Longing for purpose These arms simply want to reach Just to graze such warmth
Addressed for the best A letter from me to you Many more to come
  . midnight ping-pong ball a gallant moon wakes the sky unseen sun paints light ajs
Happiness they say Can beat the tides of sadness Yet, I am drowning      05.28.16 - N.N.
Mathaya,   I, your author, write To encourage you for the Coming days ahead.   My main character Is you; you’ll learn hard lessons. You’ll come through each one.  
locked hushed cocoons summer falls but winter springs and frees butterflies                                                                                     that release readers
ravenous creature feeding on scraps and whispers tired of waiting   no longer sitting patiently or silently
God drifts his fingers Through Spider nest clouds as their Creatures scatter down. Scurrying feet and Panic induced webs trickle
What's a hermit crab? A creature lacking a shell. It needs a shelter.
Girlfriend, Dear girlfriend, Your inner star shines brightly! Deep beauty is great.
The snake is a creep.It slyly trails its victims,Waiting to eat them.
The stars in the sky  The bright mysterious moon Shine down upon me
An abundant bird Makes a rather tasty meal. I am so thankful!
The weather is bad. It is very cold today. I feel horrible.
To My Mother Momma he beats me. What do you want for dinner? Leftovers sound fine.   To My Lover Abroad Tell me you love me. Remember the ferry ride?
who would really score if i pulled the base out from under your sore feet?
I don't understand anything that happens at any given time
"Because I love you." The truest pursuit of all. Giving us meaning.
Like a gardener Who nurtures seedlings to life Love is about growth   Like the cane of wood On which my grandfather leans Love is supportive
The moon peeking out  from behind blankets of clouds mysteriously
You still smell the same Japanese Cherry Blossom In my arms again  
How dare you do this!Must think I am blind and deaf,I thought more of you.
I can pull it off,Don’t you dare take it from me!Just believe in me.
Woke up terrified,Told you I was fine, I lied.Did not see I cried.
Dashing through the trees,Frightened, and scratched, with bare feet,Breathing heavily.
Rainbows in the sky,Sunlight shines through many clouds.I wish to share it.
The rain thrums downward.Not another sound is heard,I am soaked and cold.
Looking at the tree,Under the branches and leaves,Leaf lands on my head.
I long for your words.You always know what to say,You make me feel gay.
Wish we did not hide,One mustn't hide happiness,Please stay by my side.
I can hear you laugh,Like sweet nectar on the wind,You’re calling my name.
Looks into my eyes,Captures me and won’t let go,But I have to leave.
They come to my mind,Beg and plea to let them flow,“Paper!” They call out.
i remember those years when you would've ignored me now i've done the same   i've made her suffer all those "I love yous" are now sent into obilivion   my worst fears are true
A fight without fear A soft I love you after To be held at night   A laughing, “that’s you” At the old, abstract painting
Choking , controlling These misguided manacles They don't know true love
Coldness surrounding, The wind is blowing harshly, Nothing is alive.
  Because I love you.
Ding dong the bell rung here I go the deed is done, Come get your lunch kids!
The heart is complex         An informal ticker, yes                         But not forever.                   
Within my body, Like layers of muscle fused, Lies the diamond: hope.
Lesson 1: Poems This is what's called a Haiku. Think 5-7-5
A crack in the earth Staying still for all of time, Remember the scars.
Two opposite worlds Colliding with each other, Creating a whole.
That girl is vicious  tainted yet so delicious she is seditious 
Shift in cognition Frigid delusions take hold Autumn of the mind        Concept Artist: Jimmy Law
life often feels bleak you all always make me laugh i don't feel as sad
What is real love? I would take a bullet To save your very life.
Dew coats the morning The blue bird whispers a song Orange floods the vast sky
The yellow bus purrs A bird chirps in the window Summer has arrived
more often that noti ponder late at twilightthe fate of the world
I gave you my heart  I trust and support you  Because I Love You
Summer slipping by picnic blanket beckoning lazy breeze for two  
Archeaology Discovers the oldest things New to you and me.
What if...   Once Upon a Time Cinderella didn’t wed She’s a feminist   Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time Stories are unrealistic  Time for a new one
Once upon a time A mermaid was curious About life on land   Ariel could talk But her life would be shortened With each word she spoke   She loved a human
Love can be painful, Bittersweet and beautiful, Saying goodbye sucks.
I remember youThe day we met dreams came trueThanks to you I smile
The one you seek, hides.You linger about searching.Pink packets of sugar.
Middle of Winter,A flower sings the blues.Painted red then brown.
Suddenly it does. This rapid thing that ticks and tocks. Look up and it's gone
Bottled sounds seep; escape.Our noise mimics semi trucks.All in fluid motion
  Sunshine hurts my eyes.Why am I up this early?Oh yeah, I have class. Sunshine hurts my eyes.Why am I up this early?Oh yeah, I have class.  
The humidity Makes it hard to breathe outside. Moist air, go away.
We all are one race the human race says God So let's become one
Kidnapped by the Beast All good; pull out my iPhone Drop my location
Bye, Pinocchio. “How does he create matter?” He’s in 51.
Twittering sweetly Through the sky they soar proudly Small blue feathers float
USA the great Controls the world's economy Uncontrolled at home  
California Is where I reside A Beautiful Life
Oh say can you fixThis gift, that is now brokenOur Land is our gift
Lost in the wild And with no way left to go But all the way up
Pirate code: I only do what I want to do Don't thank me,             fear me!
Sadness consumes me. Will I ever feel loved? All pain, all sorrow.
A boy or a girl, It doesn't matter because  You're still my friend 
America's great Oho! There's freedom galore, So go bless the lord!  
I'm full of heartbreak.  Missing home, missing you, too.  Can't wait to return. 
I am a human But a subject to your words Sweating to be free
I learned a lack in Talent is a sign; trust me, I tried writing poems.  
This autumn forest Bright hopeless desperation Of cold and hot air
Frabjous blue mountains.Cold, freezing, pretty, snowy.Kaleidoscopic. 
Staring at the board Filled with numbers and nonsense Brain does not compute
Salt-scented air blows In the desert of my mind A hollow promise
I watched the cars past; reflections of people pass— and I sit motionless.
a intense knowledgeupset nerves, school is startingthis year grants success 
Classroom in mid-day: Led pencils fall together; Sigh of relief heard.    
I found my real friends Marketed an iPad app And stressed for college. (What's new?)
Quiet canary/ Has discovered her lost song/ By searching her heart. 
No one deeply cares 'Bout your insecurities When they have bad breath
A five-seven-five makes a wonderful haiku Now get to it you        
Hey, are you still up I was working until 1am I only cried a little
Careless and weary Yearning for greatness expands New Understanding
Springtime comes around, The birds chirp, and flowers bloom, The world awakens.
What your future holds Is truly brilliant love Believe in yourself
An ego is just a balloon. Inflating and deflating With every breath, someone takes
Every Day I Wake, Their Smiles Keep My Heart From Ache, Even Though My Life Quakes.
Posibilities?  I'm a just millenial, If only I knew.
Stressed, depressed, yet beyond blessed:  Motto of the year. Making my way, trusting God!
Music, words spoken  Fashion design, theatre  Drawings and paintings  
Lost in the forest an oak reaches for a star The sun smiles
The skin we live in. That sweet cocoa hue, mine, you? Deeply rooted du.  
Birds sing songs to me.  And I learn to sing them too.  The songs of Haiku
Surrounded with love Not a worry in the world Until one day, boom.
When feeling upset i volunteer my time away to help those in need
Dive in feeling free The cold clearing my worries Blue sanctuary
Fall is in the air Leaves falling, pumpkins carving The smell of spices
Hark! Rhythms of her beat, Every moment every day, As she beats in me.
Up out of my bed, For I know I will return,  To my love my bed.  
Hey! We are the crew! We can teach a thing or two! Taught it in this line!
Rolling on overwet noses and furry tailsmake the day perfect
Parties and people The hustle and the bustle Nothing is like you.  
Life can sometimes stink Friends and family lift me I'm engulfed with glee
I wake up each day To help someone find their way Then one more next day
Woods brushed in rich glows,Brisk fragrant breeze sweeps the air,Fall shouts its hello.
i sew up my fears like skin knits its wounds; sliced soul threaded with scorched dreams.
each time i let you get close, you bury my words in a lost cause: us.
i don’t know how to let you in, and i don’t know how to let you go.
my grief is the tide; the ocean moves, but the waves never disappear.
they said my passion would set the world on fire. i was the one who burned.
dark hides our demons, but night is fragile. one light can hold it back: you.
spring is forgetting, spring is silent rain after the real storm has passed.
i am drenched in rain; i drip thunder, sigh lightning, but you’ve quelled my storms.
an artist’s true skill: giving purpose to mistakes. you’re my masterpiece.
i write stories with moonbeams, hang stars and planets between earth-bound breaths.
i fall to find pearls beneath calloused feet— crowns are not crafted, but grown.
we gather glances that fragment and complete us when we fear alone.
“i sing harmonies.” she shakes her head. “you were born to be melodies.”  
Her lips, sweet wet lips, hundred roses in their burst, can't with them compete. #haiku
It feels like heaven, yet it hurts like nether hell, beware! It is love. #a_haiku
Sieze me, confine me, engorge your sacred soul, with this madness for you. #renga #KISS
I see the future. I will wake up everyday day. To make it happen.
Gazing at the specs on your face; stars in the sky of my universe. #a_haiku
The wind shook the trees The wind the trees have withstood  With broken branches.
Inside life’s cocoon, my soul gently vascillates, between love and pain. #a_haiku
You are the lyrics, I write in my mind and heart — my soul's poetry.
Alas! mangled Eos, let me heal your riven heart, see dawn reign again. #haiku
Life after life, yet it will still be you I choose because I love you.
This insanity — a delusion we call love, while it rapes the heart.
Strolling in my mind, every path leads to your arms, on each twist and turn
Tango in the sky - passions burn through the dark, in midnight rendezvous
Hark! the moaning stream, flowing in lush Tasman's turf, stir my soul's desire.
A sylphic Venus her spell rouse my senses wild — natures perfect bloom.
Her wanderlust heart, coerce her from dream to dream, dreams unknown to her.
Were I a poet, you'd be the lyrics I write, now and forever.
Chorus of the waves, flowing with the gloaming tides, hum their rhythmic rhyme.
Words are the echo, of the cry of my silence — my soul's cry for you.
Just like a madness, A force no law can restrain, Love defy reason.
Held in her love lock, removed from all time and space, my own shadow fades.
If stealing your heart is sin - blessed is this sinner, in the pits of hell.
Five, Seven, Five. Who knew these numbers would be my drive. All I had known a poem to be  was words with rhyme and rhythem so free. A childs game was all it became.   Oh see and observe.
Five, Seven, Five. Who knew these numbers would be my drive. All I had known a poem to be  was words with rhyme and rhythem so free. A childs game was all it became.   Oh see and observe.
As the sun rises All I want to do is sleep Darkness is my friend
Poems have no bounds From setting sun to high sea That is why I'm free.   Freedom from strict rules
Humor's subjective Some will have different tastes Others will be dull.      
Life is very short It is much like this haiku Short yet compelling.
Life is very short It is much like this haiku Short yet compelling.
Excavate my soul          Find Words trapped within my flesh They are all I have.
Falling, glistening, A small raindrop waits about Wanting to be found.
writing poetry I'm not very good at it Although I do try
Luscious blonde to black, Every color in between. Your locks I adore.
Buzz Buzz Bzuz Bzzu Bzzu Bzzu Buzz Bzuz Buzz Bzuz
A grain of dust falls, With no purpose but to fall. What am I to thee?
Scurrying about Wide eyes wary of feline watch. Gaze fixed, now they run.
Simply, be beautiful Perfect beginning from end. Doth it says, “He dies.”
A subtle drop falls Falling from his face Be it tears, or blood, it falls
A thrown skipping stone Sinking to the river floor Creeping to the shore
A cool waterfall To a rushing river far Flowing to the sea
A flow from within. Deep within the soul it flows, Pouring from her eyes.
Its blue depths strike fear, What life lies within its murk? I need no answers.
Enlightenment is Found through the expression of One's self, uncontained
Japanese haiku (7-5-7) Kanzen ya Chiisana mado de Shin no koe   Poetic translation: (3-5-3) Perfection; This tiny window,
Spoken words heal soul Autumn leaves fall and nourish Living beings born
An urge with no name... You followed me everywhere... My one weakness: you.
Is that all there is? If so, what am I to do? Answer me, STUPID!
What is this you seek? Trying to find a way out? Do not run away.
God help me, I beg. If I didn't have to write, I would be alright.
Everyone is white There is no diversity They hate difference
They are watching you Those blades of grass are watching They are all around
With a knife like wind I too shall sweep into you And cut what's most dear.
Poetry calms me.          It helps me step back and breathe through life and struggles.
Another sound joins for one second of beauty; Golden chords playing.
I was introduced, through the limerick, To writing poetry, I knew every trick But my teachers found I would rather go in the ground Than write another limerick   Then they introduced
I just want a paycheck to a middle class life. I just want a husband so I can be a wife. Still living with this bullshit hype.
I'm Aquarius But what does that mean to me?If I don't believe I know this is shortAnd it is quite to the pointI'm Aquarius It doesn't mean muchIf it tells you the same thingEmpty zodiac
passing earth’s shadow opposite side from the sun lunar eclipses   a full moon’s shadow as beautiful as can be within earth’s umbra  
this bird is cool now Actually it is not the bird is now fine
Time creates a turning circleWhere my words playTangled and hurtful
Gently blend the makeup inCover those tired bruisesThen forgive and forget
You are merciless and no matter where I run it is into you
I don't want to smell your barbequed flesh. The bloody juice mess. The pasturized puss.
Poetry and I, We are inseparable.  We are long lost friends Who found each other Inside cracks of foaming hate And melting sorrow.    Poetry and I,  We are connected by truth. 
I wish you hell. Through a stairwell. Or elevator.
Cats & dogs. Butterflies & Bullfrogs. Blogging it & blogging it.
Your the reason that the world made divorces. Could you be the most evil bitch in the world? You stole my life.
Your eyes speak. Your pace continues to creep. Seduction is weak.
I will take action. You have no reaction. I can't end these contractions.
Don't choke on my dust. Everything you touch rots to rust. You I never did trust.
Yes this is my bed & breakfast. Get used to it for it will last. Dessert is not in the past.
I am next in line. I banish you from my mind. Hidden where you can not find.
The foil crumbles. Your words mumble. Your plans fumble.
Who needs correction? Diseased from the infection. Of deaths resurrection.
Always trying hard. Abusive devil drinks near. A senior I'll be .
Scary noise. Perverted boys. Obscene toys.
Nippy in the frosty air. You don't give a fuck or even care. I got icicles in my hair.
Alone in my car. No gas won't get me very far. Never drive if your drunk from a bar.
Infatuation of Identification. Declining penetration. Stalling creation.
Calling your name! Not listening. Always Ignoring.
To see an Irish sunset. To die in Ireland where my past life rests. America I detest.
Sleeping in my car alone. Escaping the filth & stench "home". When the rats & the flies roam.
I can no longer keep my eyes open. I do not want to work mornings I'm hoping. Afternoons & evenings but not nights.
Just go to sleep. Timid and weak. Dreams you seek.
Sometimes it's too scary to sleep. Insomnia from a rat phobia. So far from etopia.
My eyes are dry. Sleep I should try. Deprivation is bad.
Your a shiny star. You're ambitions will take you far. I map quest road trips in my car.
Meditate to soothe your sorrow. Commune this afternoon. Pray tonight for tomorrow.
Broken pieces. Needing releases. Anger ceases.
Sitting straight. To your back don't hurt. Goblins are not our friends.
Is this the right way? With me will you stay? We can share today.
Grab what you want. I am here to taunt. What I have I flaunt.
Deaf as a dumb ass. Tough as a bad ass. Greedy like a fat ass.
I saw the hatred in your eyes. I had believed all your lies. My instincts were right.
Imagination is everlasting. Possibilities are casting. Deception is masking.
You can't attack this fortress. Your cannon launch missed. Poisonous lips you kissed.
Skirts, jackets, & jeans with denim. Flannel, plaid, cotton, get 'em. Trendy, retro, vintage in the metro.
Define Definition. Contain affliction. Remise the confliction.
The sheep herded together. Exposed to the rain and weather. I would never wear real leather.
Absorbing the shock. Bolt cutting the lock. Smashing the window with the rock.
Where did you get this money? I am not your honey. Your not my sugar daddy it's not funny.
It help wanted at an ice cream shop. At the mall Sloan's? Gourmet but is it vegan?
I believe you truly knew. What became of us two. Away from you on a plane we flew.
Meeting you was fate. At the boardwalk on my rollerskates. Your interest in me doesn't seem fake.
Snuggle. Bundle. In a quilt or sleeping bag.
Keep them warm. The baby you born. Change what's worn.
Me do not corner. Be a fast learner. It's a page turner.
Going to sleep. Don't lurk or creep. To yourself just keep.
Broken hearted. Dearly departed. Closely guarded.
Is today going to be the day the toilet gets fixed? Laziness is mixed. Is the plumbers tools made out of sticks?
Reaching out. Know what it's all about. Don't lie when in doubt.
Mother nature so incredible. Rainbow is every storms promise. A cyclone you don't want to miss.
Coffee wore off. No food. No invitations how rude.
Interior. Exterior. Posterior.
Permission to launch. Secure the vessel. Smily face.
Tornado sucks you in. Tosses you around like a hollow tin. Accidental sin.
Inappropriate in the work place. Too much face to face. Not enough coffee to have grace.
Shooting range. Camp outs not so strange. Great with kids.
See that? Unattached. Still a catch.
The final piece. No release. Puzzlement had cease.
Industrial size. Was the weapon of demise. A detective so wise.
Deserving better. Said the letter. The tears get wetter.
Narrow hips. Luscious lips. Long radiant hair.
The hurt your feeling. A morbid dealing. Getting through the healing.
Honest and true. All I have you knew. Now it's just us two.
Angelic creatures beauty so profound. Celestial essence unbound. Spiriual orbes of elements surround.
Alarm triggered. Evidence figured. Conviction don't have to be a wizard.
Cloudy skies memorable air. Forest critters. Babies of litters.
May I have it? Sample bit by bit. Butterscotch sauce.
Bouncing bears. Care bears there. Snuggly soft pair.
We shook hands. Answered all questions. I had no attitude.
Punched in the socket. For the change in your pocket. Charged like a rocket.
Catapillars metamorphosize into butterflies. Maggots become flies. Eggs hatch, honeycomb detach.
Lied about being certified. Man cave. To misbehave.
Trash diggers. Gold digger. Grave digger.
Parasite. Not alright. Contracted from a flight.
No I did not. Yes you did. Son of a bitch!
Yes I can start on Tuesday. Part time is okay. They called me before May.
Okay turned around. Bend over. Spread em....what?
I would have to wear beige pants. For ten months I had raved & rant. Finally given a chance.
Will I be chosen? My hope has rosen. It is just part time.
I have a smart phone. I have no WiFi or computer at home. I do not roam.
Persuade me to stay. You are not safe. Your love is fake.
Have the strength. Not to prank. Poverty stank.
I must disengage. For a higher wage. Release me from this cage.
I like my clothes tight. It just looks right. Selfies tonight.
You poked. I joked. They choked.
The sewer stench is foul. Rusted metal wow. Human waste a bitter taste.
Above the barbed wire. Birds fly higher. The building burns with fire.
Is the trust gone? Have you found where you belong? Karaoke a sad song.
The evening is chilly. In this thin dress that's frilly. No sweater in this weather how silly.
Vulgar & obscene. Unpredictable & mean. Unholy & unclean.
Crazy bitch can be your spirit name. Psycho fuck can be your nickname. Loca lunatic can be your screen name.
I want to be cashier of the month. Don't spike my punch. Let's not do lunch.
Too spicy. Ditzy. No longer pretty.
Short stumby nails. Sausage fingers molest & get bail. Yet brimstones don't hail.
Confused with the shouting. Abused by the outing. Traumatized by the finding.
Restrained against your will. Given a sedative pill. Mentally ill.
Accomplished a journey. Transported to another room on a gurney. Psycho Ward voluntarily commits.
Victims of lifeless bodies. Violent crimes sentences can't rewind. Justice some never find.
No more cursive writing. Signatures in print what a sighting. Maybe education will stop teaching math too.
Blank stare. Mind is not there. Nobody cares.
Disturbing images of death. Sadistic trauma of what's left. Forever Haunting.....
Scary ghost. In your sleep possesses you as a host. Wants to destroy you the most.
By the family courts we were divided from being together Mother & daughter rights was a never. Her best interest recommendation was stupid not clever.
Are you starting? Are we dissolving? Problems aren't solving.
Chocolate & marshmallows. Camping with the right fellow. The camp fire flames were orange & yellow.
I appreciate your kindness. To mend such a mess. I couldn't ask for anything less.
I watched you from the window on a summers day. Wishing together we could one day play. To each other would we know what to say?
Sun rays pierce through the tree branches. Reindeers gather and prance. To chase them if given a chance.
She said "Hi". She felt so nervous she wanted to die. I was so proud I could cry.
Watch a featurette. Promise you won't regret. Tickets for two we get.
You are not a bitch. The kidnapper is the witch. Liars are a two faced snitch.
Embark to be. Sequester me. Conjure thee.
Grace has a beautiful face. Joy had a boy. Destiny left what's left of me.
Did I say something wrong? Why do I get blocked & deleted and not to belong. Why should friendships take this long?
Sweaty skin. Exercise to be thin. Exhaustion begins.
My hope is falling. Our instincts are calling. Your misery is bawling.
You will get your turn. Who is next to burn? The lesson is never learned.
Take into account. What it is you know but can not pronounce. Success not a single ounce.
Job interviewers with a lame excuse. Filling out more applications is no use. Discrimination is abuse.
Echoing steps down the corridor. Running & slamming doors. Basketballs & volleyballs, racket from the floor.
The shadows glowed bright. Electrifying the night. The moon has a round light.
Dangling above thee abyss. Darkness envelopes our being. Blindness without seeing.
Go with me there. Pretend that you care. Beside me as a pair.
Alone and still tired my body lays down. Invisible and unfound. Cloaked but bound.
Intoxicated madness. Abscurd and outlandish. Fallen, broken misery to banish.
Uncharted, discarded, what you started. Carefully worded yet becoming converted. The moment served it's purpose.
Unforgiven. Executed. Polluted.
Abandon the past. Forgetting the future. Not feeling the present.
Majestic and poetic. Unaffected by the elements. Tested, undefeated, overheated, & cheated.
The air around me Shakes with the intensity  of utter silence  
A soft summer wind Blowing by me constantly An unchanged peace A masked gray murmur The Sun has gone now, rain falls She is calling me
He wants to touch me. Skin on skin. Should we begin?
Thriving Hiding Confiding
Confused, alone, naked without a home. Banished, abandoned, forgotten & hated. Used, exploited, sold, & degraded.
Nothing to drink. Nothing to eat. Nothing to wear.
Avasive & not persuasive. Non believer adoring you. Misreading forever needing.
Stay away from me. Stalkers, rapists, & homewreckers. Your all heartless & faceless.
Psycho complex. You have too much drama. Don't call me I ain't your mama.
Don't neglect what you reflect. Detect what's negative & deflect. With no regret destiny you get.
Random senseless acts of violence. Hate crimes of consequence. Justice has no sequence.
You wanted to hold hands. You wanted to touch my boobs. You wanted to drive my car.
You took away my father. You took from me my daughter. You took my virginity.
Touching no slapping. No pinching or clapping. No babysitting or napping.
Bullies make you cry. They lack empathy & compassion. No remorse with sadistic nature.
He said he wants a three way. The alcohol will make us stay. He wants to do it in the parking lot at the bay.
I just need a knife to cut fruits and to survive.  Simple as it can be. 
Two men, one island. A single fruit on the trees. Friends until the end.
There is so much stress There is so much pain also There is still some hope There is even some light now There is light right now There is you, my one true love There is always you
I need my mask. Temporary cosmetics don't last. It washes off to reapply is a task.
Is this website dead? Are my poems being read? Does anyone remember what I said.
School is important. Starting outside of work. Exploring a lot. By; Stephen Mangiaracina
Black Out Curtain Up Waiting Heart Racing Theater Stage Lights Up Play On
I need the air to Breathe in some necessary Nutrients for life.
All I need is us. For us to love each other, care for each other.
Panic, dread, being lost, nervous, & unclear. Senseless, without purpose or cause. Waiting, wondering, in pause.
Feeling of something worse. No manners is a curse. Impressions are important if you want to impress.
Hypnotized by the sirens song of seduction. I have an unclear whiny voice. Flowers & fireworks.
Inside these walls true love never occurred. A fantasy dreamed is too blurred. My point of view obscured.
At 13 I was a victim. At 23 I was a mother. At 38 I am unemployed.
You can't love. Without trust. You can't trust without love.
A havoc of ecstacy. Brain damaged euphoria. Disintegrated brain cell mass.
Is this website dead? Are my poems even being read? I guess it doesn't matter what I said.
How would we ever live together? You can't stand to be with me more than 3 days. You ignore me the whole time with your video games.
I am interested in the job. Or I wouldn't have applied for it. I wouldn't of went to the interview.
You think I am boring. You lay there snoring. You only call when you need some whoring.
I haven't mastered the skill of levitation. I can't engineer aviation. Mankinds grand designs.
Join hands & focus. Close your eyes & concentrate. Relax & open your mind.
Slam, bam, wam. Slap, flap, clap. Push, shove, drag.
Migration. Hibernation. Igloo Station.
Fly across the room. Help is not soon. Demise is your doom.
For eleven years I sit here in this duplex. No husband, no friends, no job. Misery, filth, stench, eats & mold.
I would want to work beside the ocean. Along the board walk at a souvier shop. I wonder if they have many shoplifters.
I don't know why I have not be chosen. Not for a job or as a wife. I am trapped & stuck in this hellhole.
To be stung by jellyfish. Not your surfing fantasy wish. On it you have to piss.
What's wrong with people today & from lifetimes ago? Some if not most people can't be reformed you know. To prison or jail is where they stay and go.
I'm stalling. It's scary. Avoiding the inevitable.
I don't eat cheese because it's not vegan. Enzymes are a living organism. Caravores don't understand.
Old people shouldn't wear diapers. Like babies. Too stubborn to go into a convelesent home.
Let me catch up. Call me don't hit me up. I hate your slang.
Do not get a sexual disease. Not all of them have cures. Only sleep with people you love.
Do I look happy? This duplex is crappy? Set it on fire.
Bullshit club cards. Price tags that discriminate. Different prices for different customers.
Been there before. Shown to the door. Born, live , & die poor.
Memory loss from neuro toxic pollution. Exterminate is a solution. Demolition is a clue.
Do not waste the twilight. Embrace the sunshine. Share the universe.
No worst feeling in the world. When be raped. Being a child is a hundred times worse.
We will make it. Time will break it. The two of us together don't fit.
You are mean & you do not trust. But I will not hurt you. I sit & stare I will wait for you to come to me.
Construct a rope out of sheets. More dependable than shoelaces? Plan your escape.
Your world is silent. Your ears can not hear. Your eyes to not fear.
Their teeth are so white. Their skin pale. Their eyes clear.
You look offended. I was recommended. Was sended.
Don't run. You are the one. This is not done.
Turbo slurp. Offensive burp. Apprehended purp.
Your a slob in the highest degree. Look in the mirror, do you see? Partners we won't be.
There you were. A desire so pure. True loves cure.
You made me cry. Burning my feelings. My heart simmers to ash.
Somewhere over thee Irish cliffs. Along the sea side waves flip. Cast always stranded with sunken boats
I will never be in Forbes. I will never be rich. Everyone thinks I'm a bitch
Dehydration. Water the one thing I need. Water for me please.
I am behind in my writing. My life I am confiding. The truth I am not hiding.
The lizard crosses the sand. Under the palm tree I watch & stand. A coconut falls and beside me it lands. (Haiku)
To a deserted Island I bring the will to Persevere with me
There’s a lot to speak But nothing to be spoken Smile, and say “Better, mostly”
Solar system of a higher altitude. Astrology to set the mood. A date which is charming & not rude. Greek or Mexican is my favorite food.
Garden of dead blooms  colorless, dry and lonely sun won't even do 
Beauty surrounds me, Though, my eyes and mind are closed, Time slips away like sand.
Two eyes meet, smiles form, A love blossoms like the spring, Though, ends at winter.
It starts with a pen, Then, with words that speak the mind Leaving a poem.
Yellowed paper Broken corners and ripped cover I’m glad it’s only a book
stroke his soft gray stripes sandpaper tongue rasps gently he sits and listens. 
One small grey Thursday Fog drifts up from the valley At least the birds are gay
Tangerine Sweet Acid Burns my throat
Ink on my palm Some things Don’t last
It is a circle Upside-down and Backwards That's all you'll SEE   The circle of Life Has no Beginning or End unlike You and Me   I am only Me Upside-down and Backwards
1. Mechcanical man Rundown machine still has use Broken as I am   2. Living piece of night Inky slinky shadow cat From the darkness, purr   3. Colors of life, gone
Very shy and yet outgoingA lonely girl of mysteriesShare your many stories. 
 It takes time to understand what's important The needs are from what takes us apart. A thought not provoked alone but together A collective of sorts.  
i'ld take my boyfriend he is making me take him i'ld rather have sleep ... WHICH I NEVER GET ANY MORE BECAUSE OF HIM
It's nearing the end 'So long for a while' I say I'm graduating
The one thing I need Is faith, indeed you can see My heart finds solace.
Whispers in my ears   Snow crystals decorate hair.  My face is bitten. 
I really need words Communication is key My words are my life
I know they are here I know they are beside me Even far out here    
loving someone can be the most powerful thing to happen in life
dreaming of your eyes and the way they see the world brings me so much joy
One through which we see The bond shared between lovers To whom I speak to
I just need an A. Shakespeare, I love you, but soft -- What are you saying    
                                   The dark that engulfs                                                             The missing piece of my life                                                             Where I am asleep
Assignments and stress Expectations;Denial Eight classes; I'm free
You call me Beauty, The mirror, Frankenstein's bride, Do not let me burn
October midnight falling star in the dark sky- summer’s soul has passed
monosyllabic:a word that truly need notbe such a mouthful.
Teach me how to learn I know how to pass this test But how do I learn?
I sip the coffee A warm, calming aroma For now, I'm awake
You breathed butterfliesThat fluttered in my ribcageAnd ate me alive.
As autumn leaves kiss, My heart pleads, "color-blindness," To blur when we broke.
Am I artistic?Do I fit the description?Am I sufficient?Do you fux with it?This style I'm developingDo I have talent?Why am I asking?Rhetorical questioningThe third time around
Gentle beating blush, Heated face matching warmed heart, By crafted words lush. Your endearing smile, Brings one of my own to life, By your love beguiled.  Shy gestures, meet anew, Same us, but new emotion, Stunning, simple, true. 
Last pitch of the game   Full Count and Bases loaded And the Winner is...
Caught on a pop fly   Tagging up to steal third base      Too slow, You're Out!
Jumping off the bag   Running fast to the next base Slides to avoid tag...safe!
Red lines on white face Held in a leathery hand Until thrown to home
  Blue and grey all day Behind the plate or in-field   What's the call? Appeal?!
Snap, drop, pop and go.         Is it high or was it low? And the call was...ooh?
                                                   What will it be now?                                                Here it comes...over the plate.
Am I mad at you? Holding a grudge is hard work. Time is too precious.
water, calming sailing on my little boat land a far off thought
It smells like rain, dear. The grey sky cries heavily.  I want to cry too. 
Smell of the night Darkness rising in the sky chasing out the day.
  Bustling through the cracks Reaching high to the heavens Emanating life
  Bustling through the cracks Reaching high to the heavens Emanating life
Sleeping, little shape, Tail twitching from playful dreams, Peaceful, purring, sweet.
  The alluring darkness,
I have the unique  Ability to hide all my Feelings for people   I fell hard for you From the first word to last breath But kept it hidden   I hid all I could
it's the start of a  new season, crisper   air and revival   
Snow falls down silent White glittering in moonlight Knights trot under stars
Poor college student: Free food you say? No? Okay... Sorry I'm busy.
Blooms' aromas mutter  to the breeze, silencing man hypnotic pleasure.
The hidden stars The lost moon Only rise enlightening the darkest nights
moving slowly out 
  “A Muggle’s Encounter”  
The easy breeze sways  The tips of the pine trees and The birds sing softly. 
I am a haiku. I am not what I once was. But change, change is good.
Our eyes were strangers Emerge a new beginning Your hugs touch my heart    (Hauki Poem) 
Awesome are the things Made with Love Creator God Has given to us.   The sky, the stars, and Caresses from the bright moon Are just a small piece.    
She is a strong tree Unbending, Defending, Strong Shelters me from harm
Breaking silence, her voice, quiet hope to create
Arise from the ash Reach for constellations bright You will soon emerge
Tears of joy from the Sky rest on the windowpane Dampening my view
Shit. Robbed again?! I Really need to keep an eye On the fucks I have.   Deprived and cheated
Haiku Stories, Volume 2: The Frog  
Haiku Stories, Volume 1: Undervalued   I can hear their words They fight loudly, then play nice This is my family   I can see his face
Haiku Stories, Volume 3:  Amalgamation  
When the sun shines bright, And your loved one holds you tight, Everything feels right.
The world is awesome, Especially with your friends, Unless you have none.  
Leaves in fire colors Halloween and trick or treat Pumpkins on front steps
At last! Free from school! Hot, sunny days-- pool weather Lemonade with straws
Wet, rainy mornings Tentative sunshine by noon Flowers start to bloom
Snowball fights outside Hot chocolate with whipped cream Cozy indoor life
I'd like to point out The injustice of it all Watching the world fall
Oh, the break of dawn Pure, simple beauty Peaceful, silent air
Rain falls from above Cleansing all impurities Washing fears away
No food or water, Children look around for help.  Will they eat tonight?  
5 syllables, for every line.
Stones under my feet It had always looked so big I hold my own hand
“in my menstrual fight,invisible warriordrinking fallen blood”
This poem is new
Loving your body at times where you need it most. Cherish those moments.
All trees are stretching, Shaking off heavy blankets, Buds blossoming out. 
She was a willow bending, a tearful beauty rooted and serene   He was the lightning,                                                            much too bright for his own good strong and destructive
Acting happy and acting like nothing is wrong but in all honesty my world is shattering my glass castle is falling into the swirling darkness, wallowing in the back of my scarred mind
Hold me close to you Let me feel the love beating Vibrating within  
Haikus   In the dark forests, beams of light pass through the leaves 
thick blanket of sleep shroud me in your gentle darkness so I no longer have to weep
golf is fun sometimes but, during the summer it gets hot and sweaty
Compromising ment Lips creating a soft dent For our love is sent. Message delivered Warm embrace makes me shiver But the cold feels good.
It shines so brightlyupon your near perfect skinfor once, I am home.
The sun sets slowlyand again, I am left hereuntil it returns.
I will love you whenthe leaves fall and the snow landsOn your eyelashes.
  Warmth And Rain Of Spring Bring Joy And Wonder Around 
i am flawless nahfuck that shit flaws are a partof me and i'm proud
Fingers intertwined  stomach filled with butterflies all you want is death
Only wanting warmth fingers stretch to reach the sky body hits the ground
Universes scream tearing apart the cosmos it is beautiful
Nice, Loyal And One of a Kind Open Book
Venturing alone,
Rising in the East Waking us with bright colors Setting in the West
Flow uncontrollable, life is continuing onward do not try to control.  
A deep brown, and no florescent. Unbothered, flawed, and  no makeup. Its Me.  
  A deep brown, and no 
No filters needed A selfie reflects you
Hi Ku! "Haiku?" Who?  "Haiku!" Who's Ku? "Haiku!" You? "Haiku! Words!" What? Who?     
One love, oops, too late.
 And so it did rain, Dark clouds fell across the sky, And it did renew.
I adore them all My personal flawless flaws They are who I am
Face deep fears
Loyalty is all
They peek out behind The clouds. And show their pretty
Concentration is
late at night, can't sleep my brain screams my fears at me, sensing my weakness.
my brain is scattered on the floor, walls, and ceiling, just like my pictures.
My blood sugar's high. Oh well, the cake was worth it! Time for insulin!
Never black and white Never still always fluid A beautiful mess
She holds her pencil takes your darkest nightmares, and draws them into light
care about yourself
In darkness I see a speck of light Fleeting in my realm
  Take Flight
I collect playbills and rarely view them again. Materialism?   Snow lands on my glove yet I feel the sensation on my fingers. Why?   Good behavior is up to interpretation
It is not my lack of flaws  that make me flawless It's my acceptance of them
Sweet pepperoni I chew you in my lawn Damn, sauce on my shirt
A blue butterfly
Everyone struggles Yet no one Gives a flying fuck   Tearing at my soul Are the words "I never loved you."   Salty drops fall as She loses Her composure  
Though my life is hard And I am engulfed in pain I always look up
You say that time flies I'm dreading every second
Today's a new day God let me have this morning Noon, nectar, nocturne.
Delirium Mom’s screaming again While my step dad lashes out I run to my dad The warm sensation The feeling of being safe The love of a dad
This is a war
First snow
My heart longs for you I swear I'll be true to you Although you are not
College stresses me. I want to die everyday. But it is worth it.
Behold my dark heart Reflections show my faint light Light that gifts to all.
seep and fill my mind join to create, innovate I am still learning
Haiku number one. The words escape fleeting breath. My mind's in darkness.
Black is night and the Color for death, White is light and helps erase death.
Ravens are feared by Most and loved by some but also they are majestic 
Life is an endless Puzzle, one must figure out one side at a time. 
Belonging to your Life is as tidious as being all alone.
Moon and sun in the Sky will never be as one anymore until time stops.
Tripping and Falling Down into the abyss where I am to spend my days.
River flows slowly, Through the open valley of Hidden shadows now
Hidden in the day Ever Changing in the night The moon will shine bright.
Hiding in the night Present in the day warming the earth we stand on.
Time moves by quickly Everyone is hurrying By me as i walk. 
Stars shine bright in the Night for one and all to see Everyday turns night
Flowing through me like A never ending river My tears fall once more. 
Short simple and sweet Is what makes a haiku, so  One needs to balance.
Light in the bright of Day. Makes for sadness in the eternal night. 
Darkness Resides  Me, The only comfort I  Have, is lost in time.
They can't see me, but I can see them through the crack This curtain is safe
Spiritually blessed, This wandering soul triumphs; Prevaricating
Never finish last Staying above average
        Im not just a face  
The Aquarium; Fish, Seaweed, Coral, Beauty. So much damn water...
Today I wake up study, socialize, breath wash, rinse, and repeat
Love planted a seed That's grown into a flower Forever in bloom.
Once upon a time, I thought you were my prince but, Oh, how I was wrong.
Try, train, never give up Push yourself to be better Do something worth it  
Find something worth it Keep it in your heart and mind Now go and get it
Confidence in you Even when it's not easy Believe in yourself
You are important Don't you ever forget that Work to change the world
Exact image shown in a different light Image relected back to you shows you the way others view you.
Laugh at little things Before you get too busy Live, laugh, love, and dream.  
You took my heart and left it all alone to die who can I trust now
There I sat staring As every color flew by Oceans of madness
The mind shivers while the hearts warmth melts foot prints in the soul.
Fields of sunflowers, secrets, whispered words of love. Have you forgotten?
Small, happy red fish flipping in the bright blue waves. Jump, splash, goodbye friend.
Out of anyone and everyone, you're the one I can count on most.   Selfless and caring and charming is what you are; full of compassion.   You believe in me
the fair morning fog the steam from my coffee mixing together
Behind The Curtain,  stands Lydia Davis Jolley, a percussionist.    Behind the curtain  stands a passion that burns music is my life.   Behind The Curtain stands me a dreamer
We Are But Specks Of The Stars Flashes Of The Light Luminous Dust In The Wind
Insanity comes And never truly goes away What do you think sir?    
Look all around you Do you see the darkness child? Devouring us all...  
Where, the scent of rainDeeper into the forestTime falls from the skySky, cannot be seenThe clouds fight ferociouslyBlood spills on the earthEarth, covered in light
Water coming down, Gravity pulling it down, The rain will soon touch...
The battle rages, not to be quelled within me. Who is the victor?
I smell rain to come Delightful, yet heavy too. Delivering Peace
They whistle and howl Am I just a piece of meat? Faster, wolves devour   Note to Reader: I am a woman. I expect to able to walk down the street and not fear for my safety. I am a woman.
Life goes on and on. Everything will be ok. Don't give up just yet.
 Pride and power What tricks you play! You deafen the ears Of those astray. ~2/2/14
Beautiful spring day, roses and lilies growing, overwheling scene.
Turning through the world never having and ending and never controled.
grey and almighty gentle suffocation from
Sand in between toes. I was choking on the sea. Exposed in the sun.
Darkness is a friend I'm drowning from the inside Nobody save me 
I cant help but noteSome people have a fetishFor drawn mustaches.
気分の冬 寒い朝。 (Samui asa.) 寝る、休む、死ぬ。 (Neru, yasumu, shinu.) 白い朝。 (Shiroi asa.)   Winter Feelings A freezing morning.
We are upended, Like a tortoise on its back. The world is chaos.  
  Growing up, surrounded by relatives in the medical field
Move. Get out of my sight. The world does not revolve
Lies are action books Misplaced on dusty shelves Among nonfiction.
Drink your coffee strong  sing me your silly little song  go home before dawn   
My heart's on fire
Sun set after rise Gazed upon by tons of eyes Here, the sea line dies
Wedding love--rare depth Uncommon variation Sought four leaf clover
Feet pounding the earth Salty sweat drips in my eyes Not too much longer.
Sometimes it rains Somtimes babe, it downpours  Will you still kiss me?  
My future is bright Even though I'm scared sometimes I know god is right
Life is fast for you  You should always get back up When you trip and fall
Consuming fire
Doublespeak is a Language of lies put behind
Scholarships cause stress. Will the judges like my poem? It is a haiku.
  A sweet summer breeze
The leaves surround me The colors inspire me Autumn is serene
Words Are Poetry Your Words make you who you are Just express yourself
Love is a fire It can and will sometimes warm  Other times it BURNS 
My eyes are bleeding This secret... I scream, pleading He kills me, my poem
Haikus are every- WAIT!!! Get the syllables right! -where. Including here.
Leaves fall from a Tree, Landing on the lifeless Earth, Life leaves its Branches.
This is a haiku;
I lay counting sheepThe ground becomes icy coldHelpless, left for dead
The variegatedthoughts of my blasphemous handsyoung and malicious.
How do you know what is real? Does it think or breathe? Or does it simply exist?
Little fish look for food While worrying About becoming it
Busy street So many faces So few people
Ideas Like thunderbolts Fall from the sky
The smooth ocean breeze The shining sand on the beach The cool calming sea  
Standing in the dark Looking at the starry night Waiting for a sign 
Life's a mystery One must choose to follow it Its unknown secrets
I am your Father! OK! Where is the money? With my last honey...    
I am a phoenix, Ashes only bring rebirth. Your flames hurt me not  
If they are happy love is love regardless why should we judge them  
The beach is peaceful
A life, a future Determined by ambition, stars are the limit.
Everyone does it  Heads filled with assumptions It's human nature
When I was a little boy
Today I heard you You spoke to me through a song Lyrics echoed you    
Dirty skies and trees,The gift we’ve left ourselve
A cold stormy breeze Chilled like my once broken heart Grace me with your luck
Harlot in disguise Shrouded in perfect deceit As a sweet angel
Life as we know it Life is full of change Day to day it seems the same
I would change it all To be free, or maybe just me To be seen, as me
When one speaks of loss, Words pour from their barren souls... Sorrow unmeasured.
Rich scent of autumn, Pumpkin spice and apple crisp, Leaves crunched underfoot.
Autumn leaves softly Touch the frozen earth below. Winter comes once more.
Night looms dark and bleak; Abandoned path, ghosts of dreams; Only sorrow here.
Solitude is just A pretty word for those who Find themselves alone.
Looking for grants and scholorshipsGetting ready for college is tough stuffBut the path is paved!
Sometimes I feel like the sky will crumble down and pigs will fly away  
Paper leaves do shake Scratching veins and tearing holes Their skin scrawled with death
Browning purple plum Flies are buzzing and biting Sipping her life down
Golden ray of light Tip-toes sparkling to the earth Turning dust to art
I don't know why
Drought but still drowning Forest fires and broken levees Must be summertime
As I gaze at it, into the eyes of the beast, so I see myself.
A dark, dreary night Sitting here, waiting for warmth Tears roll down my face   The cool, breezy air Spring has finally arrived New plants emerging   The joy spreads throughout
"Beyond reason's grasp." Excuse me? Look at science! We THRIVE on reason!
CDs everywhere. Fast forward a few more years. Phones everywhere.
You made some money. Congratulations. Pass go. Collect two hundred.  
Worthless is the thought of a soul that has been hurt Now forever lost
What job do I want to make words flow off a page or make healthy well
Heart breaking, tearing My soul into small pieces All because of You
日本語で 小説を書く したかった   Nihongo de Shousetsu wo kaku Shitakatta   I wanted to write a novel in Japanese.   今までも
ink flowers peeking beneath my business suit blouse  why must they judge me
I reach for the stars, I will be an astronaut. No one can stop me. 
Bright and beautiful  Containing a soothing face And seems to follow
Look at the leaves change Why can't we change something, too? I wanted to change.   Changing me would be Trying to change a brick wall I tried way too hard.   Worked at it all day
  A fresh Soho dawn: Rhinestone girl once sashayed streets Now doorways are home.
you caught me like a dream, tangled in the beaded threads of your feathered   web, your dreamcatcher holding my spirit in a cage of promises.   you kept me like a
this is the sound of your razor-blade betrayal shredding through my trust.   there is nothing like the bittersweet sting of your honey-coated lies.   this is how it felt
A Thorny Mountain Raveled with spikes of venom  With no end in sight
o1. bandaids for the earth where she’s splitting at the seam and soft butterfly kisses   o2. flower crowns for every head turned down, make lonely corners
Knowledge is a house You live in a box right now Wait for it to grow
Truth is what I say To survive life someday It is what it is.
You were the best thing that ever happened to me; I love you, Michael.    
Depressed, frustrated Worried: boyfriend has mono Down, emotional
The great mystery, our lives join and separate, always within the... 
When love is made real Then shall people awaken To change for better
An Actuary Trying to change you and me Possibility
To change other's views about God's will for us and  how He loves us too  
Blooming springtime buds,
My insomnia colors flowing through my veins I must release it
The earth would whisper, tranquil melodies of peace-- when man was once myth.
Brown withered leaves fall,young roses fold, cold snows fade,but we still remain.
I know Jesus sees Every little thing I do. And most of the time, he frowns.
Young beautiful child How sweet the sound of your pain Lived too soon to die
Views changing, learning Seen through an almighty screen Interactive web
Come and sit!You cant trust me, I will listen.I am your psycholgist.
food should be healthy We need to recall our food we should be healthy   food is killing us  our kids won't live longer than this generation   heart disease, cancer
With surreal blue skies The black covers feel the most Tangible, Alive
Help me, I am stuck in a haiku factory. Hurry before they
Change the world they say, It happens when no one sees I would make them look.
Standing with knowledge roots connected to the world graceful protectors       
Your eyes, filled with love. One brown, the other hazel. I can't look away. 
A War on the People The Government is Evil Solution, Bullets
How does one say this...That you are wonderful and In wonder I fall                        (senselessly)
Summer comes and goes Kissing my skin with its warmth Smiling in the sky
  The trees are lovely,           green, red, orange, gold, and gone.          Then they are naked.   Leaves parade across
All life is music: tapping feet, drumming fingers, raucous beating hearts.
I see smoke linger Feigning fog, clenching my lungs A dark fever burns
A wilted building Vines consume the broken beams Bound to take it back
I will taste the stars And most likely scorch my tongue, But I will return   To fly yet once more Amongst the burnt-out, dead husks Of those ancient dreams.
Gently the winds blow
Men of all shapes Has one calling in this life fuck all fuckables
A haiku that rhymes?Why thats unheard of! You say.Youre right. Not this time.
Mom is amazing Mom is everything to me I love her to death
There is no soul left In this carcass before me Eating my brains
Feeling tight againNot the cool type that I wishBut claustrophobic
I sit motionlessly, watching the bright rays of light dim over the horizon. I can hear the soothing sound of the waves striking the rocks, and the wet footprints running across the sand.
The sound of laughter Helped me realize my dream. I want to save lives.
Tears fall ceaslessly He lies to me again Smile to hide his pain
His smile is like stars Condensed to bright white like the Snow beneath our feet
  One bright, sunny day
How fleeting Truth is. If only words could be smelled. Then liars would stink.
Live for your own sake. Be your greatest advocate. Euphoria’s yours.
Destroyers of thought. The greatest horror of all.  Proselytizers.
Relinquish control? Is my life not mine to live? Let me live my way. 
Delusions haunt us. Yahweh, Yeti, Zeus, Krishna All nonexistent. 
Rights for everyone. Liberty is not welfare. Please think for yourself.
Masks of pumpkin fright Trick or treat and tooth decay Downhill injury
coffee at daybreak anything is possible will be our downfall        
Petals down a stream       Bringing change to all passing               The hark singing joy
“Wherever we sprang from in the first place, that's where we're headed now.
Blue summer sky, br
Fish out of waterHelplessly flopping aroundTries to go back in
Time to push myself Time to prove myself to myself Time to persevere
a bottle of water broken upon desert sand  begins silent night  
Two blankets underneath the stars The mosquitoes had a feast that night Venus knows what we did
1. Catastrophes kill. People murder, hurt, and steal, The sun still rises.
The black beast howls Steam rises from his nostrils Would you like some tea?
My spirit is joy. The universe is my friend. My soul is at peace.
Come sunrise, we rest. At moonrise, like fireflies, we Rise. Muted, in zest. 
When black men kill. it's jail. When white men kill, check for mental ill, then jail. 
Dew Sparkling, Glittering Littering the ground Fallen stars from Heaven
Bright before my eyes My angel falls from heaven Gracing my soul, surprised
Haiku Two people. Boy. Girl. Right knee on the floor. He smiles. Will you marry me?
I'm high in the skyFloating up like a feather
"It's due tomorrow," "Don't forget about your test," I am really fucked.
Don't try, Don't care, Hate. Be honest, be sincere, don't lie. Kill them with the truth.
You think it's our choice That we're the ones that chose this But it's the pressure   You need the challenge You must take honors classes  You are too lazy   Sometimes I don't know
Oh God's Thankful Gift! Is life to humanity, Living it at once.
First last day of school, Second day, Senioritious, Nine more months to go...
Drowning in the sky No clouds; big blue empty space My mind wanders off
Each footstep I made
A feeling insideFlowing out between two heartsBeating together
Here I am, just me, Standing on the mountain top. I have changed, renewed.
"You need to know this." I wonder if it's only For one single test. --- "Think this way." They say. "This is what is right." They say. I haven't any say. --- There's calculation.
Haikus are easy, But sometimes they don't make sense, Refrigerator .
cliche butterfliesin my stomach turn intomoths when our love dies
pebbles in my heart’spockets filling them. sinkingdrowning in this love.
o1. she’s like a sunsetfleetingly beautiful butfeels like forever o2. her hair is crushed auburnleaves in autumnfalling for herover and over o3.
  I get up at six in the morning, to hear you go on and on, about shit that makes me start snoring. When the whole class fails a test you blame us, because teacher knows best.
Terrifying, yes. But unconquerable, no. Confidence is key. 
Pain will one day be Useful, a tool of wisdom Simply remain strong 
I love good haikus             They are an amazing art         Too bad this ones done                                                                                                                                                                  
Smile, you're beautiful. There's so much out there to see. Keep your head up; smile 
A slap to my face A strong kick to my weak head Why father? Mother?
I want to love you, selfless, with my actions, not solely with my words.
Fall is upon us, the cool air surprises me, Fall Break overjoys. Football rivalries, The pep rallies are so tense, Filled with school spirit.
Ignorance can't teach The endless clock of time ticks We are just too late
Seven billion I'll never meet all of them I'm glad I met you
I masked my thoughts but photographs of my pulse gave them all away
This place sucks hard core I just want to graduate Need mature people
I can search the world but never would I unearth a woman like you.
I wish I love you didn’t dissolve so freely from your careless mouth.
I wear a red dress; Bloodied from a long lost heel; I am now a woman.
be who you want to don’t conform to life’s standards stay true to yourself
Dreams travel along The glimmering strands of time To inspire men
You carved me music, frost/dust/blood to my sewn heart. Touched, and now swollen.
My vice is her eyes; Pale-blue, two frozen moons. I am powerless.   May I find shelter, In you? I am brisk and bleak. I am December.   I am drowning in Her cerulean maelstrom.
Alaska beauty Wild, extreme habitat This state is stunning
Like sails on the ship the wind careens her hair off dancing like the flames
黒い山 赤いはいけい はいいろ木 Kuroi yama. Akai haikei. Haiiro ki. Black mountain Red scenery Gray trees.
I feel the damp grass The soil here beneath my legs Softly brass strings strum  
Poetry I just cannot seem to quit. Is their another form that I could do? Dickinson's poetry is not worth shit, And there is nothing that can beat haiku. It sure seems that Robert Frost knows his stuff,
The heart of movement Strength, Discipline, Grace, Power Combined into one
Warbling voices Sorrowful words of reproach Lulling us through pain.
I have an F but I'm not stupid. That online homework, I couldn't do it.  They all have laptops and phones with apps.  I have a job while my mom naps.  Impossible to learn at school. 
  Look up at the stars See the majesty about Wondrous gems of light  
Slow. Stop. Sympathize. Claims of compassion corrode. Heaps of homework hail.
Endless endeavor To regain strength and hope I might expire   Beauty is trying And I would rather not look I try to survive   Through blind eyes I see How to love and live- though
Once again Autumn is upon Leaves are changing, colors blossom trees nestle into their winter shell Year after year, I've always viewed things with such blind eyes just a tree, just a color,
Relief: A warm hug. Relief: A loved one's soft kiss. Relief: Secret nooks.
He whistled, I think. I can't be totally sure. Now I wish I knew.
Leaf on the ground Silent with the morning dew Will we stay the same?
Darling. where are you? She won't let go of her bear As she gasps for air    
  A transformation. Unnoticed but yet, aware. The beauty in change.   As the green leaves turn
Changing everythingI once crawled, but now I flyNothing can stop me
The rivers don't rest In the darkness of the night And neither do we.
Rain is falling down Down under my camisole Now I have wet boobs
Twisted and frozen No longer growing, but still Claws wrenching from earth
The sun beams and burns And the sea roars to the beach Drowning out all sound
Create a cacoon then Sleep through the winter snowfall  wake up like Samsa
湾岸や 走り屋乗ってる 排気ガス   Wangan ya Hashiriya notteru Haiki gasu   On the bayshore route Street racers are out driving Exhaust gas in air  
Blown away in timeAn illusion that's sublimeFulfilling my thoughts
jokes escape from lips with every staccato laugh i fell more in love
Snow rain hail sleet ice     Universal solvent Form Forming Formed is
  Dripping dropping in Clouds crying such gloomy rain   Bow horizon shines  
Which college to pick? How about this one right here? I am in my room.
My heart aches                   and my stomach too I'm too old to notice you  
I was walking thinking of nothing “Rubish!”, I yelled.       -Ima Ríos
The man by the moon yawns in plain sunday afternoon         -Ima Ríos
“Come, Come” I said but the deaf death went away.       -Ima Ríos  
I write for the broken and the battered, The ones left in the dark with their voices shattered. For the ones too weak to rise to glory, Too scared to tell their story. For the ones drowning in pain,
I've got spring fever and you are the only cure, but winter comes soon.
Blood drips down storm drains- Pooled thoughts, whirltide emotions Spatter across time.
An elderly man Steps out his front door, gazing toward his letterbox.   A smile emerges His  eyes never leave the box
midnight passes by due date nearing, stress rising essay incomplete
So Many Places... Where do I wan't to go? Better yet, with who?  
The day is cloudy And yet the sun is shining Nature fights like us
Hair in a tight knot. Crusty earth under your nails. The mother of seeds.
Haiku Brings to light deep thought that will release stress of life to find happiness  
One day it will be The scent of salty citrus Now it's paper and sweat
On top of the world That is where I lay today All because of you.
Daydream of life, But when you wake up, Reality faces you. 
Hands lock, fingers curl. Eyes twitch. Just a few of the many things we do together. When walking on the beach, seagulls high above us. People waving hello as we get higher,
     Haikus are easy Everyone can write them           But me
Para aquel hombre sentado bajo el sereno de la noche, Con su mirada perdida en el tiempo sin ningún reproche,   A ese hombre de cabellos plateado, La vida lo lleno de doradas riquezas que el mismo fue cosechando,
  Calling from the church I heard God’s refusal and caught you in my arms.
Ever changing, becoming something else. Beauty, wisdom, stronger with every passing second. Come to life once more.
What good is sleeping? No longer are dreams ideal, I want life, with you.
Before I met you, I lost my reason to breathe. You should feel special.
Raging fire burned. Warmth of embers now lay cold. Destruction, rebirth.
  Seldom I will show you, I think  that I am not good  I just hide  things   
Senses unfolding,  Speech's inadequacies drown, I will write to be heard.
Haikus make more sense When written in Japanese Instead of English
What's Up With Haikus? They're all about syllables. And counting them out.
Look at the rainfall. It trickles down my warm skin. How amazingly clear.
yes, we are all here we all have the same knowledge why are we not family?
Ask me why I write. And I’ll ask you why you breathe. Writing is my air.
Thundercloud waters Tapdance across midnight webs Into my smartphone.
  Dressed in army greens Brown boots, tags around his neck Finally he’s home   No trace of a smile He is very different now Finally he’s home   He was in the field
  How do I believe When there are so many things That prove to be wrong?
The butterfly goes into the dark black forest and does not show fear.
Writing allows me to express inner, deeper feelings, wants, and thoughts.
Poetry, indeedA simple form of flatt'ryRhyming all the time Blogging with such easeSharing really cool storiesHonestly with hope Random as can beHaikus are all the rage hereNever dull moments
  Snow falls on the ground Blanketing the land in white Bright, cold, uniform.   Snow melts and flowers Rise up tentatively from The newly freed earth.   Flowers fall and leaves
Smile with thoughts of you You're a lovely creation I think I am too
this amazing poem which is the greatest haiku is my gift to you
It is killing me The memories that don’t fade Unbearable truth
Thin spindly trees Find it difficult to grow In such oppression
Why do people write? To let the whole world see you from a new angel.
The herd moves today Following the light of life We are part of them
For my whole being To come forth along paper Expression by pen.
Night-sky rising above Sunless, precious, occult side Deeply hidden jewel.
In the cool Spring breeze the trees dance fluidly together they're one
Throughout the winter the white delicate snow falls so cold and so pure
No limits on time Easier to gather one's thoughts Creativity unbound
Rain patters against The umbrella like seaspray Against a cloth sail.
Sun shining through the trees, Breaking light onto me, Feeling the warmth set me free.
[A series of Haiku about my apprehensions, goals, ambitions, and determination to return to college] Clouds above loom dark Shattered by the wind and light A revelation
Tortured for so long, Almost nothing left to lose, But I still need you.
It is summer time Break out your Bermuda shorts And your fun flip flops
To get far away Till I can't even see home Alone on my own This place is to small Suffocating me slowly My dreams are bigger Something is out there Endless opportunities Why can't I just go
Small and innocent child. Soft, helpless, dependent child. Unconditional love. Warm, gentle, fragile. Always needs protection. Safe from all the world...
Behind crumbled walls, Sunlight bleeds through crevices. Joy arrives at morn.
Chocolate you taste so good And in the morning, My face and your goodness meet
As the moon looks down Waxing, waning, glowing light ‘Tis good company Beauty of the moon Overwhelms the stars No comparison In the sky, flawless Celestial perfection Never cease to be
Writing many words Telling a secret story Telling who I am Words can save the soul Words can create a new world Words provide escape
Rare bird in a tree-- My car, just washed, lies below. This car needs no shade.
Trusting Him. Better or worse. I bid farewell. To the agony of before.
I introduce to you a well developed soul that could nevver get close to shattering. All this spirit does is Shiver. Cold enough to burn the skin of its recipients But always longing for a soothing touch to accompany it
Seas of long, brown trees sends chills of fear yet calmness. It embraces you.
Notes trapped between bars, Trying to beat their way out, Never escaping.
The fighting is hard Go into battle everyday Fighting for country
Refrigerator, Refrigerator, Running, running, all day long, I tell a joke.
The sloth moves slowly, like an old man waking up. Nature's elderly
An abandoned conch rings with the sirens' last call the sound echoes through
I am a poet, Poetry creates magic, My words are magic.
Night Gladiolus Sprung out to the open sky waiting for the sun...
Searching for blue sky As the snow flutters downwards the wind carries me...
Her eyes soften. Watch as whales breach the ocean's tide; your body emerges.
I) I stay up at night because I hate distractions from the cruel conscious II) I don't like coffee but I hear artists love it. Therefore, I indulge.
Eyes full of judgment Penetrating fires burn Somehow, I stare back.
Thoughtless actions win, Losing myself to darkness, My past never leaves.
No matter where I go, I will carry you in the best parts of me.
if a boy calls you weak remind him that you are strong enough to hide his corpse in the woods
My love is for you to the one who does not see do you love me too
All is transparent I see every truth and lie Ignorant am I?
Life swiftly repeats At times weak and at times deep Pleading to be eased
Vines choke her Faith telling to quit Hope holding on to Love
Raindrops pitter patter here Sending tears from above The chill grabbing my spine.
Plant a plant today It's easy and real simple  And Earth says thank you 
Like the tides of time Foam clouds on emerald skies Softly kiss the sand
Smile for me, my love Till your last breath fades away Please watch over me
Forget what you know, I speak from experience. Love does not exist.
Haiku, three lines and seventeen syllables that just work together.
The rock stumbled, tumbled, fell. Their earth trembled, said farewell.
Where has High School gone? It seems like I just started Four short years ago...
For a perfect Sunday morn’, Switch the jib once more. Fair wind and following sail
Time goes by quickly Responsibilities grow Enjoy while you can
overflowing sink dirty dishes, murky water she ponders pregnancy
casting a christmas pageant young boy softly chants “please, not judas”
We’ve been through so much But we will not be bitter Hatred is baggage
The stares burn my skin The worst pain you can imagine I am stronger than them.
Flowing in the wind Like a forgotten memory Never seen again
With every gunshot I watch my city tumble, tearing into all.
Fresh green leaf turn red The hot air turn slightly cold Fall is coming soon
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