Bits from a Breathtaking Life

A lot is awesome,

it’s hard to fit on a page.

Here's a small outline:


Smiles, subtle and warm.

Symbol of budding friendship

stranger to stranger.


Cozy, comfy beds

are one of life’s great pleasures.

Sleeping wrapped in warmth.


Whatever problem,

music has the potential

to make it better.


Many don’t like school,

but getting new school supplies

is one of the joys.


An A on a test

this one was a hard one too.

Sweet, sweet victory.


Finally finished.

My homework is completed!

Free! Free! Free at last!!!


Spending time with friends.

Games, food, and movies galore!

What more could one want?


What is over there?

I do not know, let’s go see!

Exploring new things.


Walking down a path.

On a warm, calm summer day

shaded by big trees.


Dancing for pleasure,

release for body and soul.

Great workout and fun.


Flying dual-string kites.

Tricks like looping and diving

perform for others.


Playing on a phone

Powerful technology

surrounds us daily.


Building a robot

working components combine

For competition.



Anything you want

Everything is possible

If you work for it.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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