Author's Encouragement to the Main Character



I, your author, write

To encourage you for the

Coming days ahead.


My main character

Is you; you’ll learn hard lessons.

You’ll come through each one.


You’re young. Life is kind.

I know where you’re headed next,

What it is you’ll find.


I won’t tell it all;

Life would not be exciting,

Not if I did so.


But there’s a secret

That will rock the family,

And you need to know


It is about you.

It’s about where you come from.

Go ask your mother.


You will not like it.

It will change your view on life.

But I promise, love,


You won’t lose a thing.

What you “lose”, you’ll gain twofold

And you will see it.


Trust me with your life.

I wrote you into being;

What I write is good.


It gets good, believe.

And I will be there for you.

Watching out for you.


I am at the end,

I was at your beginning,

Writing the next page.


I know your journey.

You will find where you fit in.

It will be okay.


You will grow up fast.

Learn your lessons on the way,

Hold them close at heart—


Others will learn them

Because of you, and you will

Love passing on your story.





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