I Sing the Song for the Injured Bird

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 22:47 -- Blades5


I write for the broken and the battered,

The ones left in the dark with their voices shattered.

For the ones too weak to rise to glory,

Too scared to tell their story.

For the ones drowning in pain,

Who just want their lives back again.

For the ones who turned away and slammed the door,

Who refuse to believe anymore.

For those who aren't afraid to die,

Who go their whole lives wondering why?

For those who cry themselves to sleep,

Who go to step off the ledge- then leap.

For the ones who can't find the words to say,

What in their lives has made them this way.

For those who can't be heard,

I sing the song for the injured bird.  



That touched my heart :)

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