Fri, 07/29/2016 - 04:36 -- jmsstar

Five, Seven, Five.

Who knew these numbers would be my drive.

All I had known a poem to be 

was words with rhyme and rhythem so free.

A childs game was all it became.


Oh see and observe.

There is more to poetry

than what they taught me.


We looked at Japan.

Along came the samurai,

poetry as well.


They were trined to fight,

yet they marvled at nature

and shared it's beauty.


The feelings portrayed 

without the use of rhyming

was too great to hold.


These poems were small,

held by a powerful force,

that made them mighty.


I gave it a try.

I found them to be simple

and easy to make.


To be of few words

and to be easily moved;

it all seemed to fit.


That's when I learned rhymes were not all. 

There was so much to be discovered.

It was more than following the common poetic protocol.

Different types of poetry were left uncovered.

No longer would it be a silly Word Game.


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