With Great Honor


You think it's our choice

That we're the ones that chose this

But it's the pressure


You need the challenge

You must take honors classes 

You are too lazy


Sometimes I don't know

If that's the voice in my head

Or Mother yelling again


Don't encourage

Mediocraty, okay

Teacher, you don't understand


I'm thoroughly trained

To never be satisfied

To beat myself up


I must be the best

Colleges will not want me

If I am average


Can you please repeat

I didn't quite understand

That's the 5th time


Assume I get it

But how can I ask for help

When other kids judge


"That was so easy"

"How is she in this classroom?"

"She'll never make it"


No child left behind

But I feel like I'm drowning

Teacher, where are you?


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