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Purpose   Individual. Unique. Personal. Who are you? Who are we? A purpose found – found and exploited. Finding us, no, finding yourself; Obtainable?
I think of the past. I think of the sensitivity. The moment that the aclcohol touched our lips... I think of promises.   But who did you give the painting to?
My personality is Beyond my years or maybe it's the trend set before me Remember when we were kids and everyone was our friend?
I don’t know where I’m headed, But I wanna know before I go Which way is right? Which way is left?
Finally we’ve reached twenty seventeen, And it’s time to reflect on last year’s scene. Once upon a time there was a broke girl Who decided she should give a job a whirl. She applied and interviewed high and low,
A Day unto which a child was born A child who held in his hand
So, you want to know about me, who I am. You want to know the girl I see when I look in the mirror, The girl who no one knows except for me. After the mask is shed at each day's closure,
Have you ever met the devil? 
Who am I?Am I the girl that stares into the mirror, internally degrading herself for not beingsociety's sweetheart?Who am I?Am I the lady who cannot keep up with the 
    She looks at me like I'm crazy, cause she knows what I'm thinking.
Walked in shattered, Plastered to pew,  shadow black, back row 3 to the right, Looking for immunity in community, Only to find more scrutiny, Black sheep, Cracked heart,
I look up and see the stars above
To love you, is to love pain. This sweet undeniable pain. I cant deny you, like i cant deny a sweet ache in my chest. It burrows deep. You latch on to my soul. But I'm the one who is clinging to the edge for dear life.
Being invisible is easy. Standing out is hard. To blend into the background, To never be seen. It's time to unviel the beauty behind This curtain of invisibility. Life passes, and there you sit,
This fabric, cloaks me in darkness…. The cage within my inner mind fights amongst my own thoughts A whirl wind of confusion. I wonder… Did Confucius mean to be confusing in his proverbs?
Your back was my view when people saw me it was you. I could sit here and blame you for hiding me, but I’d be kidding myself. I loved the association. I felt like I needed
Had to close my room door because my thoughts were too loud, Or maybe …….because I’m too proud. Sometimes I refuse help from the ones I love the most sometimes I push close friends to the point where they aren’t so c l o s e.
I, a young woman today , realized my flaws. I H I D E under a persona that is not me. I H I D E to protect myself from scars caused by not strangers but people I love.
I sit near the window frame Staring at my own shame Nothing is the same Am I really all to blame Or is this really just some game My emotions are set aflame This isn't some ballgame  
How can you not tell when someone is crying out to you As if they don't give you any clues; When you are known for happiness but filled with sadness When you're trying to figure out this world through all this madness
You have my heart,
I am what I am, but you can't see me from just a glance in my direction.
Since i was kid i never really fit in A loner, an out cast, always had to sit in  I was different, I had talent  i drew, while they play  I sang while they play  I could never understand what normal ment 
I write to free my mind To suprise myself with what I find It gives me wings So I may escape and be alone on the sea   I write to free my heart From those who tore it apart It gives me shelter
When the moonlight shines through the broken glass, I will remind my self of my shattered past.   I swore I wouldn't cry A vow I could not keep A decision I never thought
   If I Could Fly   If I could fly, I’d fly to you If I could fly, I’d fly in the blue, And darkness too I would travel the globe, And bring back trinkets and doodads, With pictures of beyond
I pushed my hand against my chest in search of a soundbut my heart beat was no where to be found.what a tragedy I must be for my heart to have abandoned meI pressed a little harder but still couldn't feel a thing
Growing up I never noticed that I was different. 
I believe that once I was a beautiful being A being meant to live amongst the stars Worshipping one God and helping nature also praise Him I once believed I could've moved mountains,
Fear of rejection   Been such a long time Since I’ve been home I feel like so long I was a mime
Climbing up the steep tall mount
They tell you, you won't make it Unless you fake it Your dreams stay dreams And the reality never changes The barriers have been created And the time has been dated Only for those who are gated
I laugh to hide the tears  I smile to mask the fear  I jump to hide how far i've sunk I dance to get just one more chance I wear a mask of what you want to see Laughing, smiling, jumping, and dancing me
Here in the big city that never sleeps… The building of Empire, the Midtown rush, From places to go, and people to meet, Reborn every day from chaotic hush. The boulevard of lights and New Year’s Dreams, Isle of immigrants, Lady Liberty. Horse-dra
  lost child looking for an outlet  searching the world for every possible option one option was helpful, includes a pen and a paper and the most important thing, her beautiful thoughts  
It started with a story A simple story. Not much more than a few simple lines   I waited, analyzed, configured, changed. Novel became poem Emphasizing with words and lines and rhythm
There was once a world where we wallowed we'd fallen into a dark, cold hole when we wake, all around us are children like us Hand in hand they walk towards a tumbling city
For quite a while, I was the black sheep. The quiet freak, who never parted her lips or raised her hand.  Every day I confined to my own solitude. It seemed I could never find my niche, forever shunned and cast out for being me.
Little girl six years old Watching her father walk away Little girl so sad and alone Looking for a way to understand
I am from the smell of the Ohio River and the soft kisses of sunlight on my skin. From the jungle gyms and slides that create the paths of my life.
The journey I take, I walk alone. I wish for someone to walk with me, But this journey I must take on my own.
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