Knew of me


Walked in shattered,

Plastered to pew,

 shadow black,

back row 3 to the right,

Looking for immunity in community,

Only to find more scrutiny,

Black sheep,

Cracked heart,

Hiding behind wide smile hefty laugh,

Extrovert willing to try something new,

My story became Judas,

Giving away stenches of grief,

Foul fragrance of bad bandages,

Doesn’t really attract friends,

I hoped exposing myself,

Would allow me to find something deeper,

Than myself,

Transparency left me for dead.


"Can’t believe you threw that baby out with the bath water"


"Serial Fornicator".


Stop running away from me

I'm really a saint hiding behind sinner clothes,

love me the way you Jesus loved you,


I'm a bloodied woman,

here's my issue,

 I'm still alone.

Now, shadow black corner 3 rows to right

All that is left is what they knew of me.






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