So, you want to know about me, who I am.

You want to know the girl I see when I look in the mirror,

The girl who no one knows except for me.

After the mask is shed at each day's closure,

I am the girl who believes in "enough."


To wake up each morning

To the sound of steady breathing,

Gazing out my bay window

At the sun playing peekaboo

Is enough.


To feel my feet thundering against the ground

On long nighttime runs

With my dog at my side--

The peace I find in that

Is enough.


To stare up at the sky

In awe of the stars,

Bewildered by their beauty,

Knowing that possibilities are endless

Is enough.


To spend every waking moment

With the ones I love--

Moments filled with joy,

Joy so real that it hurts,

Is enough.


Everyone is searching for their souls,

But me,

I know where I've been

And I know where I'm going.

That is enough.


I'm starting to realize

That it's okay to just be me--

No mask, no filter.

I, too

Am enough.

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