I, a young woman today , realized my flaws.

I H I D E under a persona that is not me.

I H I D E to protect myself from scars caused by not strangers but people I love.

I have been through countless times of near suicide due to the pains of the ones I trust.

I feel as if I need to secure myself from the pain of the past. But as i release the curtain I'll last.

I AM an outgoing individual , i praise my humor and laughter. But the pain of yesterday still traps.

I feel as if i'm a hostage of my depression. But as I UNVEIL the curtain i'll last.

The world views me as timid and soft female. Yet , I know I am not an introvert however an extrovert.

An extrovert not knowing my ability to be the greatest I W I L L be. Once I obtain a touch of the real


I H I D E to shelter my fragile heart. This is a patern of detrimental behavior. 

As of today and for the rest of my life i will no longer H I D E and unmask the face of the way the world views me. 

I W I L L be me and divulge into my actual being.

The curtain is exhibited as I lay bare in the center of the stage. 

I W I L L no longer H I D E.

I am me now.



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