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Please god make it stop; All the hurting, the lying, the running. Please god make it stop; All the misery, the pain, the crying. How many more days can I go on? Please god make it stop;
When Simone biles runs to the bar to do back flips in the air she is an athlete.But when I run to the bar and do a backflip holding a beer, suddenly I have an alcohol problem and need help. Perhaps they might be right ya know?
It had dark blue eyes like the night sky Who would of thought it would cry  It wonder down the street as it beg for help Darkness followed it through the air One day hoping it sees the light 
Driving down the road at night A deer jumps out in a fright I stared at Death in this guise And saw They have big doe eyes The deer kept left and I kept right I took a breath; I was spared that night.
He’s coming for me, I know that for a fact, He said so himself.   He’s getting closer, I can sense it with everything in me,
My brain is always three steps ahead of my fingers and my soul is three steps ahead of my brain   I find my fingers bleeding from the letters scribbled across veins   and tea spills the river of dawn
Manipulative and sweet How shall I describe it It lives on a street Or perhaps a tar pit   It seeks happiness
It. I could not go a day without It. It tells me how I am everyday. It knows me. It has seen my daily struggles, my insecurities. It has shown me the flaws that I possess.
Is this really it? Nothing more, nothing less?  I have to ask, Is this really it? The rest of our lives with the flick of a switch? Offices, highways, business card masks,
There is so much to do but so little time. You could find what you've lost; you could lose what youv'e found. But only you can deicde what is good for you to hold on to.
While sitting in the workshop, I stare. I am not Me; I feel so bare. I am stripped of my courage; Stripped of my life. What role do I have to play later on? Obviously a Laborious wife!
It was the point of over annoying. It was the over indulgence of mocking. It was the amusement of pain. It was the forced space that was one sided. It was the lack of communication.
I wonder if thou hath dots on thy face
My experience with love is  painful unforgettable betrayal Eight months making memories moments music Proving people wrong with clashing thoughts personalities
For all we know, we could have died years ago.  Our sleepless, immobile bodies floating around, waiting to be kissed by the Earth to start over and begin a new life.  For all we know, life is one big dream.
How It Happened   He had a friend Who had a girlfriend Who was amazing. He wanted to impress Her,
I place the key in the ignition,I put the car in driveand press the gas pedalbut I go no where. I open my mouth,and move my lips,I push air out
Our generation
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
I hear your anger, I feel your cries. I can smell the fear of histories repitition; the thought of certain memories guard you heart. You cannot forgive nor forget. How could you? It broke your mind,
Can you see from my clothes,    all the things I know.   Adorned from head to toe in mediocrity.   I use to feel the need to exceed normality.   
Everything is passive, it's temporary The world is so worried about the weight that it just doesn't carry Think about a purpose, it just there Yet if anybody misses out then life just isn't fair
I made it!Everything that I've been through in life, i found away to almost making it out, after the late nights crying myself to sleep seeing my mom trying to figure out away that we can eat.
 It was all getting better, everything was going away.   But they all came back to taunt me, kept me awake at night.   I always wondered who I was.  The things I see, I wont always be able to keep them inside of me.
How can one soul, Be filled with so much sorrow, Regret, And agony? So young, So beautiful, Everyone knew, Except for, The girl in the mirror, And the one who controlled her conscious,
Should I hold it all in...or should I cry it all out? But I don't want to disappoint them,  I don't want to be given the doubt. They think I'm strong. They think I can do better. But how can I?
Poems are hard but writting is easy. So this all might sound a little bit cheesy. That doesn't mean that this is funny. I can write a poem when it comes to money. My pockets are empty, My loans get declined
  Can you look me in the eyes,Without blinking? Can you talk to me,Without speaking? Can you cut the tension,That seems too thick to slice through? So many questions,What will you do?
So it begins I sit here behind the window of colors and letters composed into complex coils of golds, whites, reds and blacks. I contemplate to myself What now? My desire to create was stagnant in my mind
Life is what you make of it You choose what you do You make your own decisions No one can do things for you It's all on you People surround you everyday Times may be hard But
In a depression recession tribulation Me & her hurting for money And we kissing through It Watching money watch online She said do you think We will survive I say baby it's up to god
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