Life Is What You Make Of It


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Life is what you make of it
You choose what you do
You make your own decisions
No one can do things for you
It's all on you
People surround you everyday
Times may be hard
Don't let it suffocate you
You do what's best for you
Never let anyone take from you
Get yours
Let your world
Be based upon joy
You say
You'll do this
You'll do that
Don't be a slacker
A proscrastinator
Nothing like that
You go out there

Make a fool of yourself
Do a crime
And Become a felon
No telling what's in store
For tomorrow
You can't live like that forever
How can you live like that?
How can you go to sleep at night
Knowing you've been doing things that aint right?
It's never to late to turn your life around
To do better
That's like our very own playground
If you intend to be successful
Indeed it will happen
Never let the world take you under
Whatever you think
However you feel
All turns back on your life
How you live
If you do good
Good will follow
If you do bad
Don't look to be glad
All you will ever be is sad
Looking at a reflection of yourself which makes you mad
That's only if you choose not to do better
Live life to the fullest
Don't be fooled
Life is what you make of it
Don't let it make you



Life is truly what you make of it. You only live once, so make the most of it, not the worst.

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