We made it !


I made it!Everything that I've been through in life, i found away to almost making it out, after the late nights crying myself to sleep seeing my mom trying to figure out away that we can eat. knowing that I'm only four more months from walking arcoss that stage that would be the best moment of my life and my granny can finally rest in her grave. I Made it ! So mom stop worrying from her on out im going to try my best to make it to the top. I made it ! everyone in my family said i couldn't do it, HA ! can't wait to see the looks one they face when they finally realized it did it. I Made it ! No more worry's I've shown kids my age who had no faith that god is worthy. I Made it ! But i didn't do it along because from birth i had a father that never  gave up on a soul. I Made it ! No, God & Mom WE MADE IT !


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