Our Generation

Mon, 02/24/2014 - 20:09 -- mkd98

Our generation

one with no hope

kids who will 

grow old 

and will probably still be

“twerking" on walls

smoking ecigs and hookahs in halls

shoplifting from malls

still probably using *67 to make obscene phone calls


Our generation

There is no hope

with these half naked girls 

who have no respect for themselves

see thats the thing with females

the way they dress like they do

and ya’ll all seem to freak out

when a guy “hollers at you”

but that doesn't make sense

you can’t actually think you look beautiful


Our generation

the one with no hope

I took a break from this poem 

got on instagram

to find a picture of a blunt

and Im going to be blunt

you are a dumb… 


the kid who “lives in the sky”

but when you go to apply

I hope that they see

I hope they see all of your flights


Like Miles Hodges said

how can you trust a guy who's eyes

go from green to gone in one night


Thank you, youtube, facebook,twitter, tumblr, Instagram,  

for partially ruining our lives

for letting us give you almost all of our time

most of our day spent online, thank you


Welcome, to our generation






MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i can relate

i've written poems about the troubles with this generation

check it out when u have a chance

i agree with what you said, well done

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