How it feels to be Abused

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 20:41 -- Jenny


 It was all getting better, everything was going away.  

But they all came back to taunt me, kept me awake at night.  

I always wondered who I was. 

The things I see, I wont always be able to keep them inside of me.

They hurt like needles being stabbed into my chest. I never know how to bring them out.

The emotions on the outside are not like whats in.  

People won't understand the pain being held inside.

The secrets I keep, cannot be denied, for I am the only one who knows what it's like, to have something like this happen to me, and always run away in fright.

It hurts so much to keep trying, when I know they will haunt me day and night.

What's the use of asking for help, when no one understands.

I don't even know who I am anymore, what happened to my goals and ambition?

I lost my personality, every aspect of my life, things that made me, me.

Why did it happen to me? has basically become a rhetorical question.

Can't be answered. If words could explain how I felt, I don't think they could.

Its like a dark raining cloud above that never stops, its like a shadow, always there, lingering behind me.

A piece of my life, that can never be replaced.

Everyday the same thing comes to mind: Why didn't they just kill me?

They should've known I would've remembered this, lived like this forever.

Tears? everyday I think I have nomore, but when I look, its a waterfall.

Tears can't take away what's happened, of course I know that.

What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger, my version?

What doesn't kill you now, will kill you later.

Is it my fault for thinking like this?

My world evolves around that day, that day a precious little girl was brought into something she wouldn't have imagined...

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