How it Happened


How It Happened


He had a friend

Who had a girlfriend

Who was amazing.

He wanted to impress Her,

Until he found out their link.

He stayed the friend, remained

The third wheel, and moved on.


Time passed.  Relationships came

And went.  Midnight movie premiers

Were seen, lost distance relationships

Cut short, and a long season

Had a long overdue finale.


He was happy, He was upset.

He was confidence, but only about

His insecurity.

While all this happened, He never

Saw the cracks.


Though, neither did she.


Devastated, She was alone.  No one

To turn to.

But He called

And She picked up

And He calmed her.


Because of this, He faced a decision

Between two friends

He tried to walk the fine line, but He knew He would fall



Picked the side

That would


have the most cushion





He picked the girl

Over the bro.

He was a fugitive of the bro code

…That is, until the bro

Pardoned him.

Bro understood that she needed

Him more that Bro did.


He had another lesson to learn, though.

Like Ted, He had to make a big mistake

Before He could make the good choice.

He dated a mutual friend of Him and Her.

This friend was sort of crazy for Him.

And He thought he was crazy for This friend.

But He wasn’t.

And by the time he realized this, He didn’t know

What to do.

He ended up doing what He thought was right: to

End it before The friend attached herself to Him too much.


People were pissed

Words were said

Friendships were broken

But that didn’t matter as much

When She told Him her Secret

He was scared

He wasn’t sure

If they could do it.

He didn’t want to break

The Bro Code once more


More importantly

To hurt Her like He had The friend

But He could tell

That something was different

And that something like this could work

And that it might last

And turn into something no one

Had anticipated.

He did it

He moved on

Even when most said it was wrong

(but JoAnna saw what He saw, and further,

and, thusly, provided some encouragement)

And so was the story

Of Him and Her


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