I can’t breathe

Am I beneath

Everything I see

Or is it just a part of me

Is it all real

Or are they just faking a thrill

It’s not easy being at the top

When everyone just wants to drop

Everything I feel

Please tell me it’s not real

It’s not worth the pain

It’s ruining my brain

Take me away from this nightmare

It feels like I’m burning in a fire

Are tears allowed

I’m being lost as it starts to overcrowd

Is there an escape

It feels like statutory rape

And I didn’t give consent

This isn’t what I meant

When I said I wanted to be free

It feels like I’m drowning in the Yangtze

I didn’t know I would lose my mind

Am I a failure to mankind

Not this time

I’m not committing a crime

I’m trying to save my life

But this is just a strife

I deserve a better life

This is a crime

And it’s wasting my time

I am not a failure to mankind

I did lose my mind

But I found it in the Yangtze

I am now free

This is all I meant

I didn’t give them consent

And it was statutory rape

But I found my escape

I lost myself in the overcrowd

And I found that tears are allowed

The burns from the fire

Remind me of the nightmare

It scarred my brain

And I still hurt from the pain

It is real

Everything I still feel

The pain will never be worth the things I had to drop

Just to come out on top

They were faking every thrill

Making us believe this is what is real

I found a part of me

And now I see

I am not beneath

And I can finally breathe


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