For All We Know

For all we know, we could have died years ago. 

Our sleepless, immobile bodies floating around, waiting to be kissed by the Earth to start over and begin a new life. 

For all we know, life is one big dream.

Comprised of many faces, endless tests and unimaginable numbers that define us from the moment we are born to our unsatisfied weight and day of death. A dream containing thoughts, memories, actions and dark moments from years past, thoughts no human should remember or have to go through. 

For all we know, everyone is mentally insane.

We walk around and secretly glance at our surroundings, judging others for their faults or their dirty secrets that they wear like a torn sweater. We seek the help and guidance from world-renown doctors for a diagnosis that will explain what  is happening to our minds. Pill after pill, we try to disregard the fact that we get weaker not stronger and see things that are not actually there. Those who admit to being insane, are strong enough to go to a mental hospital but everyone is insane. Those on the outside walls of an insane asylum just hide it better. 

For all we know, we've had past lives.

The idea of déjà vu could really exist, "seeing" someone again could be a relative or friend we had ages ago lost in the current of strangers bodies pushing apart or the wind gently gliding us away. 

For all we know, I may have never even sat here and written this poem. Yes, I sat here and my thoughts flowed from my fingers onto the keyboard but I could have wrote this poem centuries ago. My mind finally catching up with the new age generation and eons of information is rushing back to me. The peaceful souls of Maya Angelou and Emily Dikinson helping me inform you of my thoughts. 

For all we know, we may never know why we are here. It's scary and saddening but spectacular in its own way. We meet people who give us feelings and emotions that last a lifetime. We experience the joy and pleasure of happiness and the pain of defeat and longing.

But for all we do know, we do know the meaning of life and friendship.

And that's enough for me to know. 


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