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So full of questions He said with a smirk and laughter in his eyes. Yes But you are so full of answers I answered back with a simple tone. He laughed and I watched the way
the stars fell from the skys, and settled upon her cheeks.    moonlight flowed from her fingers,  illuminating everything she touched. 
I’m searching for you in constellations you once told me about Under the starry night sky Because I have dreamt of you with the stars. You remind me of the milky way and more galaxies
She watched him as he watched TV. "What?" he asked,  giving life to his dimples. "Nothing," she murmured, admiring every constellation that made up his being.
My body drifts along tranquil black waters I can stretch my fingertips out and imagine trailing them in the onyx pool beneath me Maybe I'll feel it stir under my hand give way                cradle me
Because I love you, I know you want someone else.And I want you to find them--you'll be happier then.I was an outline and instead of being my lover,Instead of being my color, you gave me the pen.    
I thought we were closeLike the constellationsClinging to one anotherAgainst the pull of the night sky  
For being able to walk outside and look at the constellations, I am thankful. I spend hours outside tracing the stars with my fingertips, creating combinations astronomers haven't even thought of yet.
II looked up and saw a solemn darkness with muted stars that dotted the face of the sky like freckles (nary a constellation in sight!).
Constellations between you and I wrap around my mind I see stars in your eyes I see your hands around my thighs I see wanders New beginnings. I see a world where it’s just you and I,
The ancient Incans used the dark spots in the milky way as their constellations Instead of depending on the brighter points in the sky They allowed the emptiness to rule their life
I can't live without the constellations In his eyes. Or the way his chest moves When he sighs. I can't live without the sunshine In his laugh. Or the weight in his feet From the past.
Fifty years in this place,
The struggle to progress...the power to drive  none will ever no how hard i tried  with evil on one shoulder and the other with pride no fear in my heart, but yet tears i cried 
Everybody tries to fit in to places they don't belong Like trying to put two pieces of a puzzle together that shouldnt be there Fit into your own puzzle Be yourself Be flawless. 
Shaken   Adopted   Abandoned   Abused   Moving   Friendships   Endings   Death
Im weird Yeah I said it. Im wierd
Fear no opinons Let you be you Always be who you want to be Win the hearts of those you love Love yourself Express how you feel Show compassion for others See the beautiful butterfly you are
I am not a diamond. I am not a queen. I am not a dream. I am simply me. I am what I love. I may not be perfect to you, but I wouldnt be anyone else. I look into the mirror and see
Respect my voice for it is stronger and power. I am bold and brave becasue I wouldn't have it any other way. 
You missed the day in biology when your teacher went over the composition of the human body. Maybe if you knew you were 93% stardust you wouldn't have sparked your supernova, 
in the strawberry fields underneath the stars where i met my love moving too fast
Destroyed from the inside out,A tragedy sinners do not mourn.No pity for a star.   Here bright and burning,Here dark and cold,Alive as a star,Dead as a star.  
Waiting and watching for the sun to sink. To witness the colors that will paint the sky. All the different hues,
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