The Watchful Hour

Waiting and watching

for the sun to sink.

To witness the colors that will paint the sky.

All the different hues,

Red, Orange, Yellow

staining the light blue.

Slowly, black starts to envelope the world.

Stars freckle the night’s skin.

Patterns on this canvas,

Orion, Hercules, Ursa Major

Constellations capture my attention.

Wishing stars dash across

and avert my gaze.

Planets are sonorously visible tonight,

Mercury, Venus, Mars

shine brightly for my eyes.

I feel so small, as

a speck in the universe.

But in this feeling of

Calm, Peace, Still

I am in complete serenity.



I love it!! its beautiful, i feel as though i am actually there!! why can't there be in event like that in "real" life!!


Thank you so much! This is one of my personal favorites that I've done. I wish every night I could experience this.

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