I'll Dream of YOU

in the strawberry fields

underneath the stars

where i met my love

moving too fast

never felt so right with her

forming a constelation

two lovers entwined

next to gemini

two boys and their conoe

by a river i caught you

your mine

here we go baby 

down a second river now

to explore

celestial rays of you

beam through the heart of my closed door

feeling alright

with you in sight

45 miles down that janesville sign

a beautiful life

picture future likes

of that cute couple blowing everyones mind

we get along like the lines in this song

together my love we cant go wrong

say goodnight

sweet dreams my love

i'll dream of you

makeup smudge on the pillowcase

your hair stuck to the rug

remindful memories

no wasted times ever lost

no single doubts ever washed

my soul


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