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We stumble, we fall and we get upWe don't beg, don't kneel and we stand upFailure will never be an optionLife is about struggling and taking actionWe are living in a world full of hypocrisy
Aimez, aimez maintenant Aujourd'hui, pas demain Oubliez le chagrin Arrêtez de demander comment Arrêtez de vous questionner
When you look back in time, To see how things a-line, It’s funny to see it all connect.   From history, with those victories,
There stands Jack Frost, As cool as ever.   Except he's not.   How can he stay cool, When everything is getting so uncomfortably warm?      
No body to receive the energy I seek to leave Abrasive, abrasive Confusion follows me No body to perceive the thoughts that captivate my lonely dreams
The Streets are my teacher I've learned so much than what I could learn in a classroom Next thing 20 years down the line I'll be cleaning up people's room Thanks streets taught me how to make living
Who will you become? A doctor, a lawyer, a nun A man, a woman, or none   What will you do? Watch Hulu, write the truth, or teach the youth
Say what you want about me, I don't give a fuck. I've tried to be rational,  Now I've given up. Words can only go so far,  Then you need action! I've been a good girl for too long
As you start to rise, success can come at a fatal price,the risk outweights the chance of a changing life,As each day passes its once step forward or stay behind.... I remind myself of the things i seen, with the cautious thoughts of that could ha
Don't forget my name. Carcass is the name. Carcass is the one that owns the game. All the golden chains and fame. On the top dome. In the biggest seat it is my Throne. See my wings i will defeat.
Whether the sky awakens bright with color Or dark and dim with a sun that's covered I get out of bed and look in the mirror I say to myself "You are made to be here" Time is ticking and I will not let it go to waste
  Make me busy. Engorge the lazy, shiftless minutes of my waking hours with thoughtless labor. Make me work, make me eat, make me work again, until the sun goes down.
I want to create BE Become the current Ethereal reality No authentic fakery Forget time spent Live in dreams Read in books So in reach   I want to act DO
I sit in the warm ambience of the lodge,             staring at a pane of glass, The thin yet impervious margin             between activity and immobility No sounds penetrate its transparent surface
In terms of Value, We judge loved ones by their actions, And strangers by their status.  As for ourselves, We often misjudge who we are, Which leads to consequences.
There are 26 letters in the English language. There are thousands of words There are millions of sentences and you control this entity with your one mouth To build empires To tear down nations
Uncomfortable in that chairbut still no one seems to careI'm out here full of fearI'm bout ready to tearI know the truth is out therebut I just don't where
ACTION These are their talks, My Mouth is full of words, yet I can’t speak My eyes are full of vision, yet I can’t see
All eyes on you Its time to tell the truth We finally got the spotlight camera action We must take action So we must act Not on a stage with the man pulling the strings This is not oz
We are the children of Red White and Blue,
Too many of us
The world does not revolve around you        If so then the sun would shoot down like rain on a window pane Tap Tap Tapping on your skin until you blister and boil        Oh such pain that i'll never know
There are people who cry out for help Using their weary voices to ask for action But the people walk on by  Stuck in their own distraction How many could be saved? If we threw out inaction
Air to wind Water to Waves Pure to Sinned Cradles to Graves   Crawl to Walk Walk to Run Silence to Talk Night to Sun   One to Two Peace to War What makes you?
I made my choice. Winter had come over me, I fought it for a while, But eventually I caved and let it take me.
All I see is vast, empty nothing, oblivion Nothing can be changed, nothing And it plagues me like an existential schism But isnt nothing good? To listlessly waste away
I am finally moving.
You take one voice
She's been sleeping In other beds Not listening To those who mind She stuck around In dreams Not caring That they would mind
While living in a refugee community for fourteen years, I saw many issues that needed to be fixed to make a better world. Many students weren't even allowed to be at school, and many those allowed, didn’t want to go to school.
You Wont remember me, I am just a check on your clipboard, a failure to ignore, a name to forget. The money is the reason you stay. Its fine by me, I mean its only my future at stake. Thats just it- iam a mistake. My troubles dont keep YOU awake.
So we have rights We have the right to life and liberty, to the pursuit of happiness The right to worship however we like to freedom of speech and expression Sure we have some rights, and they make us who we are
You want her, But you stand her up constantly Lucky to even have a chance even at her 
Sleep Walking The sun glitters in the windowpanes, My eyelids flutter, straining against the Bright morning sun. I cover my face with the blanket.   He pulls it away,
Questionable Mentality Okay so this is that good shit that I can never say to my teacher my hate seekers. This is for that little boy sitting on the bleachers.
  Rewind back to a time... Back to a time when things Were slow and serene. Back to a time when I had a dream Was more than a tweet... It meant something.   Make no mistake-
Life’s a strugglethe strong are who achievethe weak are who fail.You fight for what you wantyou live for what you wantbut nobody said it was going to be easy Its either you make the right decisions
I write because I’m a bird underwater my feathers yearning for the day they become gills my wings learning to swim since the day that I learned the human race kills and then rebuilds their cities with the bodies
When you feel like giving up,  And you just want to die. Remember all the people you love, And who would want you to try. When everything is going wrong, And life seems like a sad song.
What’s hard enough to chip a diamond? I don’t know, but I’m pretty cracked. Yet I have learned to refract trials and tribulations into ROY-G-BIV’s of hope and celebration.
Happy moments I tend to despise because life isn't so easy and these are the tears I cry. They say nothing lasts forever so why should my happiness, it'll just die.
What will we do on this darkest day, When the world just looks then turns away? Will we cry out in anger or cower in fear? Will we forsake the ones we hold most dear?
People want to make you feel down. They want to cause an embarrassment for yourself. Lookin' like trash. Make a pose. A flash with confidence. Don't get ahead of yourself Where pride comes into play.
I. Translucent The world in between two sheets of plastic Control and the mask The world revolving around popcorn and jello and the anxious and the hopeful
In one minute many things can happen choices are made deals are done decisions are reached and life changes irreparably
I’ve got a noose around my neck, And a fire outside my door. I’m about to dangle in my distress I’m on the 107th floor. They say: Stay there, we’re coming. We’ll be there soon and,
We were once a people. We taught together. We fought together, For freedom. Our people won. Black teachers, doctors, politicians. The sky was the limit. We were family. Daddy was always there.
Clink...Clink...Clink Can you hear them? Clink...Clink...Clink Can you see them? Clink...Clink...Clink Can you feel them? Those chains That everlasting bondage that keeps us unchanged
Every day we wait And wait, and wait Wait for our truth Our justice Our rights But they never come. Media purports them Politicians revoke them But the people never receive.
I am a product of the Earth, much like you. My people blossom in the motherland, soaking in the bright sun. Our vines weave around the rough terrain, entangling in each other We grow in these dense fields.
It's like this so quickly we miss what things we try to remember the things we have forgotten and so I look on over the lives of those age has forgotten
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