All We Do

No body to receive the energy I seek to leave

Abrasive, abrasive

Confusion follows me

No body to perceive the thoughts that captivate my lonely dreams

Erasive, erasive

All I seem to see


Is there an ocean I can talk to to have somewhere I can leave?

Is there a person I can love so I have something to believe?

Is there a soul that I can touch without the body rejecting

My personality?


All we do is talk.

Talk about the life we had, we’ll have

Life separate from thought.

And all we do it rot,

Hoping someday that soul will come along,

Delay breaks the decay we long to leave.


The only time I’d rather trade potential kingdoms for a queen:

A round trip ticket costs a wallet but a one-way costs routine.

If all the stars committed arson, we would know first from a screen.

If other beauty fit my future, could I tell? See what I mean?


When we exaggerate our feelings to somebody listening,

The expectations take us out of life for them behind the scenes.

When we admit the life we wanted isn’t what we need to be,

Is anybody free?


I’m worth $4.50 under coffins that mean more to you than me.


All we do is talk,

and cry and sing and lie and hope to die

inside the life we bought.

And all we do is rot

If we don’t live the life we tell ourselves we should.


It isn’t my fault I was blessed to be revealing.

It isn’t your fault you were cursed to be appealing.

I don’t know rhythm,

But I know soul and mine’s too old to hold its mouth.


Cuz all we do is talk.

Talk about the things we’d have if we let go of what we thought.

And all we do is rot

Upon our beds at night when we’re alone

And all we have’s potential and a phone.







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