She's been sleeping
In other beds
Not listening
To those who mind
She stuck around
In dreams
Not caring
That they would mind
They mind, they do
They will find her soon

She has lost your letter
Before, you tried
To admit your love
But look at what's right
She's wrong
You know
That she will always choose wrong

She's been weeping
In other rooms
Not praying
For those who wait
And she stole around
In shops
Not wishing
That they would wait
They wait, they do
They will stop her soon

She has lost your lamp
Before, you tried
To cup her hand
But look at what's wrong
You're right
You know
That you will always choose her

What does she deserve?
Not this
No, not this
She's just surviving
In the walls they place around
In the traps they toss around
Put your arms around her waist
She cannot hold on much longer
Even though she knows
You harbor 
A haven so divine



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