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The world in between
two sheets of plastic

Control and the mask
The world revolving
around popcorn and jello

and the anxious and
the hopeful

to a complete stop
the world: conflicting paradises
bird song
caught in your throat

one shatter
and the world runs down your sides
clean and bright
you're glowing

let me get this straight
If I flip a switch
I'm more
I'm better
I'm stronger
I'm determined
I'm brave
I'm different

That's right
What's the catch
Excuse me?
There's always a catch
(you've known it all along)
So, I'm waiting
You have to find the switch

and with that he left
me and a broken switch
me alone in an empty room
an empty world
my mind searching every corner and crevice for
the bull in the china shop
until he charged
and I couldn't hide from myself any longer


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