The State of the Onion

Sun, 12/15/2013 - 00:25 -- mds627


I speak on behalf of the collective


The citizens of the state of confusion

The tortured “they” who tiptoe trip the tedium between

Greatness and graceless

Pandering to the panopticon

Fearing failure’s feathertip fancies forgetting


We wake; watching wistful wailing

Misty mornings amidst this millenium of mediocrity

We choose remonstration over demonstrations

Preparations over reparations

Constructing skyscrapers on sand and salt

Engineering empires atop edifices

Crammed with the corpses that didn’t fit into the skeleton closets

That garbled grin of gentrification.



All men are created eq- well - you know what we mean

Sorry, the fountainhead leaked all over my politics

I’m such a capitalist that my tears turn into pennies

And my sweat into silver dollars

Yesterday I walked into a flash mob but I knew the moves

It was a choreographed waltz into a pyramid scheme


Your cell awaits you, sir

They say l’enfer c’est des autres

Hell is other people

After a long day, who wouldn’t like some solitary confinement?


Small citizen, see the sideways schemes

Beat back the doublethink

Don’t bend over for Big Brother

Instead seal your lips with a rebellion

And kiss every stranger you see

And remember -

Trust only the trying trysts

Of midnight marches - into magnificence -



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