A Stand for Rights

Sat, 03/09/2013 - 00:38 -- ChloeM


United States
47° 3' 31.1976" N, 122° 23' 55.6224" W

Every day we wait
And wait, and wait
Wait for our truth
Our justice
Our rights
But they never come.
Media purports them
Politicians revoke them
But the people never receive.
Our world is nothing but claims
That are never met.
Never to be realized,
Never to be given.
We know they are illusions,
We know they are lies,
And yet we wait.
Our forefathers gave them
They promised life
They promised liberty, and happiness.
But others overruled.
We are ants in a farm
Owned by corporations and politicians.
They, not us, choose.
Choose our lives
Choose our fates
Make our decisions.
Why should we let them?


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