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Locked myself in the bathroom I Could feel your arms on me Your tears on my cheek Screaming please don't leave But that was in my dreams But in real
Life isn't easy Love isn't easy It can hurt you easily But we are all blinded by it Love is powerful More powerful than us It controls us Making us blind by it Until we learn the truth
I am still,but I move; in my head,
Still as the un-awakened beat, Until the soft stirring of the symphony takes hold,  A soul no longer held captive,  But is free. Trying to hold back the memories,  But is letting the hidden emotion flow, 
in a world so blind i am the only one who can see the damage that has been done,  the pain that has caused so many to bleed.   a world built from a dream forced into a reality
Get up from the couch and go to bed, darling. I wish I could crawl into you for safety.  --Thunderstorms scare me and self-doubt floods my mind. I have nightmares of you leaving me behind.  
Querido, Amor    No me importa si eres ciego Solo te quería conmigo Diciendo que no importa las apariencias Diciéndome que me amas Siempre a mi lado   No quise que me vieras
List of Things You Do Not Understand:  
To my ex: I let you put me in that dark little corner and just above me hung a mobile of bones -- it drew the breath straight from my lungs.   Silent whispers slithered in and out my ears,
The running in a game of hide and seek has started. Do you not hear the drumming as we chase up the stairs, and look over our plum color shoulders to watch the shoe fall from my foot?
There’s black everywhere I can’t see a thing Why did it have to happen to me? I was an artist Now I’m just blind
I want to rip my heart out And only keep my brain. The heart is where the tears come from, The brain does not cause pain. My heart is only stupid When I fall in love. Next time I'd rather use my mind
he went crossing oceans and climbing mountains but turned around to see she was skipping puddles and picking flowers as blind as she could be 
They sayThat actions speak louderThan wordsBecause, they say  
A boy of eight was I on that fateful day, When sweet sounds of music drew children near. Joy filled our souls as the piper did play. Across the wild lands we passed with no fear.  
i like to dress for an imaginary girl(we will meet each other soon) by putting ona silk tie with subtle Chinese birdssewn in.she may be picturing me in her mirroras she applies exactly the necessary line
You are blind.  Do you realize our shape? You are misfitted, who are you, one of a kind? No, I think not.   You do not come together. Instead, we're all the same but yet we are separated;
The boy had blind for years His blindness always drove him to tears But to be a worthy man he strove Down life's winding paths he drove   The boy saw specks and flecks of light
Did i suceed? or did i go blind? because of the greed i got tears in my eyes  but no longer I see  and tears eventually dry  so suck it up you fiend its not as if you died 
Color blind Living lifeTryna findPeaceFighting warsBleeding redUnder the shimmering seaMy brotherIn blackIn white
Love is not blind; love helps one to see.
Raising sons full of ire, Restraint is no longer their friend. With news, IT builds a fire. In only destruction it will end.   You did this, you did that, Three hundred years of accusation.
I wish I didn't fall off the swing. I wish I still had sight. I know we was just playing. I know it was 4th grade, But they don't have to be so cruel. It was their fault anyway. It was that stupid game.
She wore it to his funeral, But it’s also the aura of her soul. It’s murder in cold blood; she stabbed him 27 times.             It’s the colour of hearts breaking apart, The colour of death and imperfection.
Jesus cured a blind man who had been blind since the day of his birth.Jesus put clay on his eyes that he made when he spat and mixed the spittle with Earth.
Once, on a broken winter's day when I had nothing left No words to say, no power lain upon my shoulder, I wept Silent tears of nothingness, not knowing I was home To feel left without destiny, abandoned, isolated, alone
Sometimes we don't see Something is causing us Hurt Until someone lifts That veil Your eyes become Opened to the true Nature of the thing Sometimes it hurts To see the truth
Seeking   Searching   My eyes relish the world around me   Once you have seen you cannot unsee   This sight that was given to me   To see the physical wonders  
"The soldier  Wounded in the fight The lawyer Finding out whats right The paster Showing others light The family Holding on so tight The author Giving courage when he writes
6'1 and 5'2 Dark brown and Light Blue.  Light Blonde and Dark Green. None of this mattered to me.    Love is blind.  Love is deep.  Love is everything I need.
A blanket of time covers our eyes. Fire rains down from the sky and water grows from salt. We have shifted. Fallen. Fast and deep into nothing save for imaginary realities.
The sunlight slowly began to fade, It's silent whispers hissed, "Don't be afraid." It disappeared from empty streets, as little children hid under sheets.   Darkness filled the broken ones,
From darkest days to blackest of nights, did we crawl. Blind and stupid, with smiles on our faces and our hearts light as feathers. Safe are we by the dogs we do feed and fear. Though we know they bite and tear.
I have often heard the sky is blue and how the grass is green,
He was hoping When she came along He felt her Right where it longed He spoke She smiled Their hearts Flying.
I feel like a mime, doing eye-catching sign language to someone that is legally blind, but hopelessly I'll continue to look,
Every morning starts with your gentle touch It makes me so happy because i love you so much We leave the bedroom and head down the stairs But you're holding on tight so I have no reason to be scared
And to the tie dye I walk upon the tie dye day and on the day of dye and tie I'm not sure if i died or tied but tried  alas I tried. A note with particles of sleep deprived
I sometimes I wish was blind and in a perfect world as you as my image.
Echo, you privilege soul Stand by as I pillage your home Watch as they rave your condemnation We have yet to live.  
It's true, but you don't believe it. The truth is right in front of you.   How do you not acknowldege it?   It's right under your nose, just sniff.   I blatantly speak,
The world is a swirling ball of chaos So many people Rushing about Not looking up from their job Remaining blind Ignoreing the crying child The lonely man The woman with bruises
They cannot see what they do;The seperation, the argument and closed-minded confrontation, damaged by selfishness of view and heart.I break chisel against the walls in their minds.
My eyes can see like a hawk, my ears hear like a hound I can see that there is no more us, I can hear this heart breaking sound
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
The first time you called me beautiful; It was as if that word spilled from your lips and danced around my head like Native Americans danced for rain. Your voice: was an orchestrated symphony of violins and cellos,
Broken roads engulfed with rubble A heart apiece, blind eyes focusing Who can stand to face the trouble The hearts that burn, spurned Eager to face another day, wanting
By the light of day an angel was born The heavens cried,Amen!
My child’s name is not Disability He is perfect in my eyes Able to do anything Limits beyond the skies  
You hurt me, you hit me,
The days of my youth are so hard, but in a way kind.I can do anything I set my mind To. WIthout Knowing this, I would be blind.I will do whatever it takes to succeed.IT IS IN ME, I have everything I need. 
Open the book first Before you judge it. It may be a habit or possibly a curse, Regardless don't speak about others, Unless you know them well, Close like brothers.
"an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"
Take my eyes away and blanket me in darkness the world of color doesn't just belong to artists.  I never knew blue or red or yellow what is this black you speak of fellow?
So Blind are we Not being able to see  The beauty of Nature within  It's almost as if our hearts are thin To realize what's around  And to be able to hear the sound  Of crickets, frogs, and trees
At the end of the day, when the flashback startsThe brilliant rays of the sun isall I’ll remember  
Like walking into the wind, and you cant breathe.   like hearing the worst news of your life.   Missing a part of you, you never knew you had.   Thats what its like to love you.
They say soulmates are the ones youre supposed to end up with. The love of your life. What if soul mates are the ones that make your life a living hell? But can only make you think of happy times.
They say it is a gift to watch the sport of life play by play in perfect precision. Let them have twenty of twenty five of five. They ever so laissez faire.
Not being able to hear.     Not being able to see.          This does not mean you are usless and weak.                      You are still normal to me.                      And I wish to teach you.
For the moment passing, fearful and somber,
You are breathless, listening hard. Don't breathe or you'll miss it, the soft murmur of her feet kissing the air.   The dancer is quick and lithe,
Blink.               Brink.                            Sink.   We, the people, lose touch Technology and sin are important Glory of creation, not so much Blinking, we reach the ledge
what if we  were all born blind? what if the eyes that rigorously alter out outlook on life were taken away? what if there was no "fatties" no one cared how they looked or were seen as
I've been standing here longer than you think, just taking a very long good good look at me through the eyes of those who know, those who don't, and those who don't give a damn.  
In our world we see only one thing
  tell a lie, live a lie
there's a fire on the oceansprinkling ashes on the beachmaking music in the waterdripping notes of harmony passion's flowing through the noise
My little younger sister, Was told when she was seven, That she wouldn't see so well, Maybe till she got to heaven.   She has a rare eye case, Rentinitis Pigementosa,
'love is blind' This quote very famous, very, very famous but for those of us who have been in love how much of it is really floating flowers and doves or is the quote meant to symbolise something alot deeper
Explore my mind, Explore my mind What am I to be? Who am I t find? What will life bring to me? Why do I feel blind? Blinded by my destiny, my true destiny I wonder A Poet, an actress, a dancer
I can't stay away.
Down the halls its hard enough “Fag” “Gay” “Queer, that’s never enough Into the locker my face gets stuck A teacher walks by and gives me a shrug   Finally in class In the middle I sit
You think of me day and night, To you I am perfect, You see nothing but me. But I see you in a different light, I see now who you truly are, I can see your uncultivated soul.
  I am blind to people’s ignorance, However ignorance is bliss. And I still have tolerance, As I wait for an aching kiss.   I am dumbfounded By his beauty. And yet it is astounding
    “Tell me” the girl said “What the sky looks like” Colors began to rolls off my tongue But I realized she could not imagine or even fathom colors  I thought in silence before answering
    Mercy   The choice was swift and all my own, Desire neglect’d, still apparent. Mist at once shrouded my judgement, My bearings vanished, sight was gone.  
Hope, Being portrayed as a bird or a silver lining, Always positive. Never has it been seen for what it truly is, A double edged sword. One edge being the outcome we desire and the other being... Painful.
We buy things we don't need, With money we don't have, To impress people we don't like. But what if the world were blind? Would you still buy the things you don't need, With the money you don't have?
Did I mistake this for that lovely thing That draws some hearts to stir and to forgive; That perfect tune the birds in springtime sing; A lullaby that mothers ne'er outlive?  
The moon peers in, an uninvited guest Illuminating lids without consent. Although the sleeping child’s time is spent White light disrupts her dreams and steals her rest. The moon smirks smugly at his playful jest
You tell me that you care. You tell me that students wouldn't dare. There are of course rules in place For offenses of such disgrace. I know you see the cutting words, I know you see the insults hurled.
January 2008 is a month I will never forget I woke up expecting another day at school To only have my vision suddenly change A curtain had been pulled over my face
The walls were painted, never mind the sightless eyes. Insignificant details passed up by vision that never was, is, or will be. The lamps were shaded,
Teacher. Oh, Teacher. Across the room you scan with your eyes, Somone to call on it's always a surprise. But there's one thing you don't know, As you look to and fro. That every child has their own story,
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
  Why is it that in today’s society we are still not all looked at equally? Why is it we get judged or profiled by our age, sex, and ethnicity?
My Heart’s Villain   One of secrets I am   Like a mole, my numerous chambers Are elusive to you
If you were a mute, I’d still fall in love with all of the words You never were able to say. If you were blind, I’d describe every detail life could provide for me Better than if you could see at all.
It's unbelievable how much hurt there is out there Not very many of us actually are willing to take a stand To even care If we could just put aside our differences Unite And fight To feed the hungry
  My dearest what do you see in me? what do you feel when you touch my skin? does your blood swell like the tide in your veins? Do you hear the ocean in the conch of my ear?  
You seem to put me in the same category as your LAST and hardly give me a chance bc of what happened in the PAST.. But how can you expect love come already stable and ADJUSTED
Love? What is love? Love is hurt . Love is pain Love is the feeling of going insane
Lines tell stories Lines tell stories. Stories that are made up of twenty-six letters Flipping and flopping are words that we can make out of twenty-six letters
When everybody looks at us They say we are lovebirds, Like grandma and grandpa That you’ll take a bullet for me. But I know for a fact you won’t, only Bruno Mars will. If they looked closely in my eyes
She silently gilded across the moon reflecting sandThe dreadful night everything was takenThe torture, the torment and the painHer heart ached…ached for himAs her eyes looked to the heaven’s above
Alas will you look at me Hence forth it shall be A proclamation of such beauty. We watch as the stars fall from the sky. You hold me as a tear drops from mine eye as we gaze at the flutters of many a butterfly.
I think I always knew I would love you. As a kid I used to joke that I would marry you, but somewhere down the winding road of life that joke turned from a hearty giggle to a light-hearted laugh of sincerity.
I write for just a few things,Only a few know. Of what could it even be. Is it of love? Is it of anger? Or could it even be loss? Well...I'm here to say. 
It’s only partial darkness, But it’s known the light isn’t complete. It was not always this way, although there was always a chance it could be It could be worse, but still it could be better.
Shes blind She walks around thinking they are really her friends Thinking that he truly loves her She is deaf Hearing only what she wants The rumors are nothing but a lie
All day long I fight the good fight against my eyes, A constant reminder I'm slave to my sight. What a shame, the content with such snide ties.   I suppose it's time for me to grow wise,
Blind, Can you see me? Deaf, Can you hear me? Mute, Can you tell me? Heart, Can you love me? Death, Can you hurt me?
Seeing is to believe Believing is to follow blindly Follow blindly… Blindly… Blind… The Blind cannot see Seeing is believing
(laughs) that's what i was thinking just the girl? i was barely coherent she was following my every step and yet i found that very staircase that set her free to her death but i passed it
Walking down the street My daughter holds my hand It's a warm day. Turning a corner A man says hello I smile, and greet My daughter jerks me "what are you doing?" A cutting whisper
Should they become blind, Would their souls seek the beauty Inside to SEE us?
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