I can't stay away.

I can't hold my tongue.

I have a voice,

though I am young.

My voice is my own;

Not quite an adult,

nor am I a child.

My voice is my own,

You cannot tell me I speak from another.


Guardians, of respect are you worthy?

Those who guard a child

of pure heart,

of pure mind,

I respect you in full.

How may I help?

Those who guard an abuser,

smite me not,

it is not I who lie

in the face of a child.

Sweep and mop as you wish;

You do not fool the eyes

of one who knows,

of one with a voice.


I speak for the children

of pain,

of deceit.

The might of the voice,

the voice of innocence,

the voice of experience,

may protect you,

may save you.

Know who is thy friend.

You need not taste

the bitter nights end

of joy,

of happiness,

of a loving embrace.


Those who smear true protectors,

smear me this:

I wish you back to the abyss

from which you came,

drink your own filth,

and look not in my direction.

You own me no more.

No more do you control me.

You fear my detection.


Besmear the image of me?

Besmear the images of those who see?

Only those from the depths

of a near hell

can one hurt those I love,

can form your perfect circle,

of Queen Knight and Pawn,

of ammunition,

of manipulation.


Clueless you seek to seem.

I see straight through you

so clear you're clouded.

You cannot tell me my image be wrong;

From your hell you've made me strong.

To say what you say, but not as to say

what you mean, but what you can make others do.

Smear me no more,

I will not let you take what I fight for.


Dolls Dolls

You Clueless Dolls,

You cannot tell me

the sky I paint is blue!

For the sky I paint

is a deep reaping red,

to bring forth to light

Your perpetrators fright.

You Dolls Dolls

You Clueless Dolls,

how much longer

will you let it hurt?

How much longer

will your strings pull taut?


I tell you.

I tell you.

Not from my own ears only,

but my eyes

my mind

my body

my heart.

You strike me deep

to fall like dolls,

all in a row.

You see not the game,

but the opportunity

to feel like it can be wiped away,

hidden in the fray.


A Child, A Child,

pure of mind,

pure of heart.

Clear crystal,

soft gold.

Speak up not for only yourself,

speak up because you have a voice.

Speak up for all those around,

whom you love, whom you lean.


Love, Love

is a child's soul, eye

void of filth,

but what's tainted you is they.

Grow laugh love learn and play you need,

need not you fear cry hate hurt and experience hell.

Speak up,

for your life

your health, happiness,

your love.

Let not Evil lead you

down the dark dank path,

of destruction,

of hurt.


Respect, I cannot give

to you who wish to hold my tongue.

Forgive and Forget,

You ask me to,

but neither can I give.

Evil hearted you,

hath no heart at all,

but to give the wicked

a well trained eye,

a stealthy stolen chance.

I cannot Forgive,

nor Forget.

Give Forget Give, All Eye Forgive.

Tongue To You, Wicked Chance Forget.

To this I ask, pay attention close.


I will not hold my tongue,

I have a voice,

A voice I will use

to save all I can, uncover what I may.

Smear me Smear me,

for I know

in my heart and mind,

I hold true

to truth and light.


Dolls Dolls

fall not in my path.

It is not you I wish to hurt.

I hope to save

those I love

from the fate

you lead them

by the small hand,

the small hand,

into the trap

in which You are all entrapped.

I will save those I love,

even if it means bringing you down,

down with whom I speak.


All you play to be

is the ring of fire,

the heartstrings to toy.

Let my voice ring,

let my voice sing,

my voice sing,


Hell hath no Fury like that of the slayers of Childhood.

Heaven hath no Wrath like that of the guardians of Angels.


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