Turn A Blind Eye


United States
34° 0' 12.0888" N, 78° 10' 45.2748" W

(laughs) that's what i was thinking just the girl?
i was barely coherent
she was following my every step
and yet i found that very staircase that set her free to her death
but i passed it
i led her to her grave but it was really her that told her to speed up her paces
I was a patron with a baby waiting trying to get to work
she was the satan, i stood for what was right
I gave you a chance then i guided you with my light
but i hid that light maybe i didn't hide it well enough
cause this chick was convinced
that i was homophobic like atheist
more like she gay and i was the only one on her dating list
however you like to describe it
simply not interested
Some sane person with common sense
probably cried call the police
but im black and my role models were honest
so i balled up that problem and threw it to the flames
if i catch hell then i'll take it
carve it into a lady buttnaked
make the sight my squatting house
look homely
I glance at her death
i won't fake it


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