The Story of the Blind Girl

I wish I didn't fall off the swing.
I wish I still had sight.
I know we was just playing.
I know it was 4th grade,
But they don't have to be so cruel.
It was their fault anyway.
It was that stupid game.

We was playing High Jump on the swings.
The game Anny made it up.
I knew it wasn't a good idea,
But I played anyways.
Wouldn't you, too,
If it ment you would be popular?
Well I did.

So we swung high,
Very high,
About 17 feet high.

Anny dropped,
And was okay.
Jessica dropped,
She was fine.
Charlene dropped,
Was fine.

Now it was my turn,
And I dropped
I hit my head.

I went unconscious.
I was in the hospital.
For hours I just laid there
With people wondering, "Will she wake up?"
With people crying,
And praying.
I woke up
And didn't see a thing.

5 grades later,
Jessica, Anny, and Charlene are in some of my classes.
They went from best friends to my worst bullies.
The worst thing about it
Is that they know my secrets,
And address,
And number.
They would call me,
Switch my clothes with ugly ones
And tell everyone my secrets.

I told my mom,
And she didn't care,
I told my dad,
And he didn't care, too.

I wanted help,
And it seemed like no one cared.
I was fading away from my family picture because of depression isolating me,
And putting a brick wall so no one was allowed to come in,
Like anyone would care,
But but that all changed
When I went a grave,
And they had have a funeral,
And now they crying everyday,
Wishing I was still with them.

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