Peter Pan

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I am stuck in the age that you love to mock, but it wasn't my fault I couldn't stop the clock. Two thick braids have unraveled into soft curls, grinning crooked teeth turned to bright whitened pearls.  
Hey there Peter Pan, Come from Neverland, come to take me away.   We don’t have much time So let’s make this last
mama tucks me in and I ask her when I can go outside again she took me out of school when I told her the kids called my by a new nickname and I asked her for the first time what schizophrenia meant
mama tucks me in and I ask her when I can go outside again she took me out of school when I told her the kids called my by a new nickname and I asked her for the first time what schizophrenia meant
Hello children, My name is Peter, Peter Pan And I am here to introduce you to the magical world known as Neverland Where children step foot into paradise
Tick, tick, tick, It's time to go to school to learn how to be quick. Tick, tick, tick, A grown-up Peter can't afford to not be a cynic.   No more daydreaming and pondering,
Once upon a time In a sleepy small town Lived a pretty young girl In a pretty blue gown   When one late night
There was a boy.  He never wanted to grow up.  He was scared of being abandoned. There were the Lost Boys.  His friends. His family.  Peter had a family before though.  He doesn't remember his mother, 
  Skulking in the mid of night A viridescent spirit leads in flight- His servant following suit Cloaked in a flaxen complimentary soot  
Young Peter and Wendy went out for a walk when around every corner some creature seemed to stalk. They heard the rustling of the trees and branches snap and in the distance a rather large thunder clap.
a red feather soars through december air eyes searching and a red nose   lights sparkle beneath as towns as cities   eyes caught at a window a child
The story of Peter Pan   Was told by all in the land   The little boys and girls dreamed of this boy   And an island filled with fun and toys   But little did they know   
Along my once smooth, boyish face, coarse stubble grows. Neverland has come and gone, and now the only time I fly is when the square of paper
Tick Tock Tick Tock I'm unaccustomed to the silence His pipes no longer play the songs of youth. Phantom pains awaken in the place my heart was meant to be
they had left the window open with only a thin blanket to cover them in the night and so, the cold overtook them   when you told the Darlings
He's here he has came but what is his name?   In the shadows he hides as I pretend to close my eyes In the shadows I see he watches me   His intentions never bad
Once upon a time there was a girl Who fell in love with a hero He swept her away to another world 
Once upon a time, lived a boy who could not die eventually. yes, but Peter was lonely at best until one day he saw a band of brothers  who looked so happy, together, forever so he decided to take it for himself.
Pan’s Growing Pains   Second star to the right, With Peter Pan, Wendy, and her brothers taking flight. The Lost Boys wonder, “Peter, don’t replace us.”
There once was a man named Jones. He flew a flag of skull and crossbones. Then along came Pan. Who took his hand. And now it's a hook that he owns.
Before the “Once upon a time” you know, life was different. There was no Peter Pan. No lost boys. No Captain Hook. They appear eventually, but Pan never talks about how they appear.
Never did I ever Dreamed of a boy who could live forever But I had Never did I ever Get wicked away with a flip a switch or lever But I had
Peter Pan you took us away The lost boys told us you wanted to play They were tired and so was I I had enough of you making me cry  You had us in your power But some of the lost boys were as gentle as flowers
Once upon a time A mother tucked her little boy into bed. She sang him a lullaby, she kissed his head, She opened the window and slipped out the door Closing it quietly behind her.   Once upon a time
Dressed in green, I fly, Through the stars, the sky, Finding those like me, lonely, Left by people who loved them not, lovely, So we can be lonely boys togehter, lost boys,
Once upon a time There were seven kingdoms Founded by seven sisters And blessed by an immortal witch The stories of these kingdoms You may find familiar But know that all is not as it was told  
Growing up? Who wants that? Peter never had anyone to show him the way, Thinks being a kid is where it’s at. Now one thing is certain, things are different than just the other day.  
All children except one grow up, except the boy living in Neverland. The boy who lives forever young away from responsibilities, from becoming a man.
Never, he said, would I feel the pull of gravity on my skin, or the pains of growth in my bones.  Forever. Beauty preserved like a relic ship in a clear-glass bottle.
Tink.He calls me.Tink.He calls me.Love.He never calls me.Wendy.He calls her.   That is why I wear Green.  
The boy flies without a care, forgetful of a future he once knew yet now, he chooses to live unaware.   Wish as I could to change his fate, for if he continues this way
Sometimes the brightest star The one carrying the most promise And the object of your love and hope                         f                              a                                    l
I look away, But the lost girl inside is telling me to speak up.   I mumble an answer But the lost girl inside is telling me to yell.   I walk with my head down,
I am a lost boy, From Neverland, Never growing up, And running from, Captain Hook.   Never wanna leave,  Wanna stay right here, Flying 'round the woods with, Peter Pan.  
The shadow of you lingersAround me.It mimics the feel of Your touch,Your warmth,Your lips. I teases me with memories that are better as memories. 
"The brighter the shadow the darker the light I try to cover it up with the viceIs that giving up the fight Bait from the or maybe gift from christ Either way I won't take a bite
A highlighted moon and a star filled sky it was perfect weather for flight. You sat on my window, with untamed fiery hair and an outfit of green, reaching out your hand and saying “come with me.”  
This is me This is who I am In and Out This is where I stand A dark shadow that disappears Looking for Peter Pan Dreaming long and hard "I think I can" Become the President? Perhaps not
I plod along pristine sidewalks in this utopian town, craving the crisp crunch  of leaves under my sneakers, but they’ve all been swept away
Tragically beautiful,
for as long as i can remember, my friend Lindsey has been in love with Peter Pan.on a night of pill bottles and pale skin, Peter visited herhospital room and the green fringes of his kid-clothes 
All children grow up All but one A boy who never grows up best friends with a fairy a tinkering fairy Tinkerbell Oh how overly jealous she can be  her bells a ringing a tune
Butterfly knives- the savior to all known underdogs,
Second Star to the right Past Big Ben Where you must go Is what I'm told It's what I've heard but where to  is my concern My last thought  b- before I fell Wishing
I went to a place, A far, far away land. A land, filled with wonders. No, not Narnia. That one's next. No, I went to a better place. A land with a captain and a hook, A crocodile and a clock,
I could have sworn I was there to stay, but time was slipping away like grains of sand. Now, from reality, I must get away! Please, someone, take me back to Neverland.  
Chop of the hands of Time and feed them to crocks. Smash into pieces, the watches and clocks. Rip out the innards, the gears and the weights. Wear all the tick marks wrapped ‘round your waist.  
If Peter Pans poison never set into my heart and head, If my parents only understood If Never Neverland wasn't so far away- I’d disappear today I’d never look back
Be the Peter to my Wendy and we’ll grow young together. With nimble feet and sewn on shadows we’ll drift into a bank of memories piled high and stored in well-lit jars for our wrinkled years.
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