Pan's Growing Pains

Pan’s Growing Pains


Second star to the right,

With Peter Pan, Wendy, and her brothers taking flight.

The Lost Boys wonder,

“Peter, don’t replace us.”

Scared to be another one of their nannies’ blunders.

Peter goes, “it is nothing to discuss.”

Tinkerbell, under the command of Hook,

Lures the Lost Boys to the pirate’s cot.

“Ha, I will make pirates out of you children!” Said Mr. Crook.

The Lost Boys retaliated and leaves the pirate with a bank shot.

Peter filled with distraught

Refused to give the Lost Boys their antidote.

To take away someone’s childhood was a thing he never thought

But the Lost Boys have long been growing as adults despite the magical coat.

Peter knew the only way to save the boys was to bring them back

To their once beloved growing adult life track.

Away, Away, the Lost Boys go.

Away, Away, from Neverland they grow. 

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