A Neverland Love Story

Young Peter and Wendy went out for a walk

when around every corner some creature seemed to stalk.

They heard the rustling of the trees and branches snap

and in the distance a rather large thunder clap.

They stopped dead in their tracks, and looked up in horror

as a young Tiger Lily crept out of the corner.

Wendy's eyes lit up like stars, in the Neverland sky

while Tiger Lily's heartbeat did not pass her by.

Peter protested the meeting to push Wendy along,

but the two girls felt at last they belonged.

As Tiger Lily grew closer, the area between them melted

she reached up to her hair and there she felted

a flower she had picked earlier on.

“For you.” she said surely as she reached out her hand,

and placed the orange blossom, the prettiest in the land.

Wendy curtsied and blushed, while giggling out loud,

and Peter, annoyingly started staring at a cloud.

Tinker Bell flew in and whisked Peter away,

and the two young girls then had the loveliest day.


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