Lost Boy

"The brighter the shadow the darker the light 
I try to cover it up with the vice
Is that giving up the fight 
Bait from the or maybe gift from christ 
Either way I won't take a bite

Peter had the right idea just run won't catch you less you let it
Do bad and it turns to a crutch no wounded medic 
Told it wasn't my fault...true but I had a choice I fed it 
I got a lot on my chest wish I could say I said it

Promise after promise feel that I lost it 
Just a required lie but they say don't white towel toss it 
Tell God the same thing my soul really cost less 
Then why promise without knowing what the cost is

I use to perceive with the eyes of God 
Now I can't tell which way was the fraud 
Let's be honest mans version is just a mirage 
Learned more from the dark side then those that say they hold to the rod 
Maybe pan wasn't lost"


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