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My professor wants me to analyze a poem  And why at the end there are two  Enjambèd lines with only one word.    Who wants to tell this idiot
D   Daddy’s an asshole Momma’s a bitch  Don’t dare complain Afraid of that switch . Can’t help dreaming 
Love is not what it seems. It is not a delicate feeling that makes one bubbly and light inside. It is not flowers and sunshine. Birds do not chirp. Rainbows do not appear. Life is not happy and perfect. Love is the opposite.
Wow, this is such an honor, I so glad I had to come, It was great that I could meet you, I so glad you had some fun   No, I wasn't in a hurry take your time, I mean it
The question I ask myselfWhy they look at youAs if you're half nakedWhy they look at youAs if you're a piece of cake baked
We worship You The white walls, with marble pillars. These alters we construct on our school grounds. We have sacrificed our kids to be Your gladiators. And you shower us with blessings.
Oh say can you see? By the dawn’s early light The big wall towering Over us all upright Whose broad bricks And bright clay
Dear Mr. President By: Princesa A. Santiago   Dear Mr. President thanks to you this country has never been greater,
I transferred collegesThat was fun Except I stick out like a sore thumb  I came from an all girls school With LGBT friends
My body's in school, My brain's still in bed, And my soul went to Hell without me.
He always says the right thing He is always considerate He is never wrong He never tolerates ignorant people When he ignores them, they always disappear He latches onto popular opinion
On a fine summer evening young Matthew McGee Rode his new vintage vespa to a friend’s brewery That had just opened up in a warehouse abandoned
Tell her that the way her bones stick out from her body is sexy Explain to her that you don’t like “big girls” Tell her that the gap in her thighs
Sexuality is a complex concept.   If I got specific about my sexual and romantic orientation, The most accurate way to describe my preferences would be:  
2016, what an inglorious feat. We have ever-growing technological markets, And we celebrate those on the red carpet. Capitalism has yet to be beat!   I mean, look at these liberals!  They detract from the second amendment, Fighting for peace as it
Here I sit, My first job... Application on the table next to me. I fill it out, Not sure what hours I want to work, Or what date I'll be available, Or even if I'll get an interview.
  To the people who said they were my friends then completely ruined me: Thank you.   Thank you for totally destroying my ability to trust anyone.
My stage is made of concrete. My audience is the stars. My play is called Life, and it just became funny. I sit backstage right, the audience has a full view of my profile and I light a cigarette.
Everything has its own touch, Depending on your view...   My pencil just ran out of lead. How convenient! The new puppy whizzed on the floor. Just beautiful!
Tell me what I want to hear. Give me every reason to believe that you love me just from the waterfalls of your words So I can drown in them.
I am the giggle after a dirty joke,
           Dumb is never cute
everyday everyday is a struggle, everyday i, we act like someone else.   to fit in we use sarcasm, afraid to show eveyone who we are, we hide,
Will ya look at that pie? Oh my. Oh my! Whipped cream piled high. To die! To die!! I'm sworn to a diet. I sigh. I sigh... With all of my might. Oh why? Oh why?
Wild and Reckless, thank you so much  as you reflect on all of us.   Wild and Reckless,  we appreciate this. We will never forget  the bad name you gave us.   
Mom, Dad, I want to become a doctor. Doctor-A person trained to heal sick people People who need help or aid in some form Form a plan to take the world by storm Storms are temporary, they eventually go away
Hey, Mister German!  Do you remember that one time
As I child there were things I would never speak
Fifth period English is my favorite class. It’s funny sometimes when big kids don’t pass. The teacher is really loud and sometimes cray.
I bet you don’t know that I actually like the way you teach With those little side stories you tell I’d like to meet your many cats And maybe even that husband of yours I also like those worksheets
Living like life is short Almost always gets you in trouble Untimely action gives timely punishment Goodly action gives strange rewards Having strength to speak plainly often does little for you
"I dated a writer once. I think.... I'd like to date one again." She eased the statement from her lips confidently and seeking of my approval. I only laughed at her.
If your eyes were like the sun I'd never want to leave my house If you were sometimes actually fun I would bet you'd have a spouse
Don't listen if you don't want to hear. Don't watch if you don't want to see. You find pain amusing? I'll push you down a flight of stairs. Hear me laugh.   -------  
What am I I love music I love food I love soccer What am I Do you know can you tell me Some say I'm crazy some say I'm ugly What am I
The man proclaimed he was a genius: they scoffed and asked for proof. He looked them straight in both their eyes, said: "Sirs, the first from you."
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