Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President

By: Princesa A. Santiago


Dear Mr. President

thanks to you this country has never been greater,

What is wrong with the world?

People hate you and people are hating this country.

All because of you,

You’ve managed to reveal to the world the truth.


Isn’t the truth good?

People can’t handle the truth!

Once they see it, they run away to their “rights”.

Rights my ass, this is who we are and this is how we’re staying.

America is great, we don’t need to change.

“Liberales hijos de puta, solo quieren luchar por ellos,

Me cago en la madre de todos esos en contra de este país.”


Dear Mr. President,

I’m so sorry for being carried away by my emotions

Sorry to address you so impurely,

I spoke in my first language, how disgusting

This is America, and America speaks only English.

You are pure, I am not.

Please forgive me Mr. President.


I am no one to be talking to such a higher power

I’m just another snobby woman I can’t control myself emotionally

So please, I beg you, understand me,

I come from a little island where manners are inexistent

All we do is make this country bleed money

All for our nasty desires like education, health, and a better system.

We asked for a little help, how dare we.


I mean, it’s not like we have a huge debt because we wanted to pay you

Mr. President, this country has NEVER made my island suffer or have experimented with us whatsoever.

NEVER, what a shame that us islanders come randomly to fight you, our savior.

I feel ashamed for my people, so for that I say sorry.


I want to tell you “gracias” for creating America into my Utopia.

America is simply great, you managed to make it greater.

Of course, it has some flaws,

Women need to fight to be heard,

People fear for their lives

A racist plague is overtaking many people to the point where we’re attacking each other,

Oh, and the plague has been able to merge with the eternal capitalist germ.


Basically, this country is sick right now.

But, again, what country doesn’t have those problems?

What country isn’t sick and tired of all this?

With a couple of billions of dollars, I’m sure we can afford to cure America.

Hell no, we can cure the world with our money Mr. President

That’s our system, best of the best.

Pay to survive

Pay for success.


I seriously don’t understand why these liberals are fighting.

Don’t we have it all?

They want to change this country to what?

A place where Latinos can live in harmony with you “Gringos”?

A place where Muslims and Christians work together?

A place where democracy is real and people get the president they REALLY voted for?

That’s crazy talk, Mr. President.


Liberals, rebels, ugh

They are so many of them, but thankfully us, the thinkers, and supporters, can make more noise.

Our noise manages to make the image of this country real.

We don’t need anybody here, we can do stuff for ourselves.

In the name of God, we will take them all, Mr. President.

We can do this,

For “the land of the free

And the home of the brave?”

Land of the free, Mr. President.

Let’s make America great again!


America should stay the same.

Why are people asking if America is great?

America just needs to learn that it is great.

We don’t need to change Mr. President

Everything’s fine.

Everything’s ok.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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