Depending on Your View

Everything has its own touch,

Depending on your view...


My pencil just ran out of lead. How convenient!

The new puppy whizzed on the floor. Just beautiful!

Our radio's going static on my favorite song. That's fantastic!

I dropped the library book in water. How great!

My computer screen just froze. I love waiting!

There's dirt on my new dress pants. I'm sure boss will admire that!

It's hailing on the roses. I bet they really appreciate it!

Somebody stole my fudge. But who cares?

A rainbow's leaking from the sky. That'll be fun to clean!

Expect a two hour delay?! That's great for our time!

This new iPhone's locked me out. Technology's so amazing!


But meh, who cares about any of that?

Life's just dandy, at least from my view.

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