Liberal Scorn

2016, what an inglorious feat. We have ever-growing technological markets, And we celebrate those on the red carpet. Capitalism has yet to be beat!   I mean, look at these liberals!  They detract from the second amendment, Fighting for peace as its replacement, As if millennials were moral generals.  They search and say that what is best is free. Don't you know that that is for the lazy?  To ask for help, is absurd it's crazy.  Don't you see lazy just gets hung from a tree?  Do you not see that we live in peace?  This is not a nightmare, There is no need for healthcare!  All problems can be taken care of in a lease!  It's the same thing with poverty and welfare. Too many people cheat and want it. Why do we care? Just cut it. All hard workers will fly into the air!   All that you paint is a liberal horror fair.  It's not true. We live free in this dream, And it's only cause we are a team.  We are the team of individual care.   Come game night we prepare. With Red faces painted, And we march with our souls tainted, Ready to bring about the liberal despair.   Welcome to 2016, your conservative nightmare! 

This poem is about: 
My country


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