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RICHES Riches isn't all about materialization. Richness is lifestyle and divine. The most valuable thangs are invisible to the naked eye.
OH CHRISTMAS. Oh christmas oh christmas, there's somethang in the clouds that makes feel at home, at every year end.
The reality is that life isn't fair. You will never always get what you want, And you will eventually come across a couple hundred bad days.   We make wrong choices on a regular basis We get rejected
Minding my own business  Meeting you on the outs  I truly had no idea what you really were about ...….…............ Where -we’d- end up  after our eyes touched,  I didn’t have a clue   
These are the baby teeth you forgot about the pieces of you that you don't remember  the sweetness of your innocence the roots of your upbringing  that passed by in rollerskates and scraped knees
That horrible thing, causing fear intially, Diagnosing, Rips families and friendships apart,  Catastrophe.   Young, old, both sexes too, Indiscrimintating, The healing process,
Once Upon a Poem: a backlit town the story place a girl with shame upon her face   lost from her journey off sunlight roads the daughter hid to bear her load
At Last   Once upon a time There lived an average girl. She was Asian and American. She excelled in high school, And didn’t care for school. She made them proud, her parents.
So much has transpired in under 365 days.    My life seemed to change every 24 hours.    On the third month, I grew in age by 1 year.  
Enveloped in a world of adventure, left to relinquish control and trust our own glorious instinct, leaving our monotonous lives behind to discover a literal path,  a path in which we can let our minds explore. 
I didn’t mean for it to happen like this.   I don’t want to be remembered as the renowned author That came from humble upbringings
Let's go make some of our wildest dreams come true Not believing you can do it, surely makes a fool out of you.                                        I will believe in you but you should believe in yourself more
The days of my life is surely like the speed of light. Making the decision of poor preparation is never really that bright. I asked the Lord God in heaven for forgiveness everyday. I feel my sins worry me and my afterlife, O Lord mercy I pray.
Breaking news! Fifty people killed in a bomb blast, Students of a popular University engaged in a riot and killed 4 students, Strippers needed for one week, Robbers attacked a bank and killed 5 guards on duty,
  I am from the warm clothes on my back and the hard work ethics. I am from the food put on my plate daily, From the nice beaches and the clear blue skies.
The hooves pound My oh my do they pound  On that hard, frozen ground The wind through that beautiful mane The wind through the rider's hair You can see the connection You can see the determination
I am a limited edition, I know you don’t like this competition, But I don’t need your permission, To be in this condition,
lie your so casual, how you dance around in my mind finally tripping out my mouth like broken melody's  like shattered vowels cutting through my teeth where is your manners?
Don't wear an upside down smile No matter what your life is worth while Take it from me, I lost my daddy But I refuse to let that terminate me Yes I miss him Yes it hurts
Freedom, what a word. It is so obsorb.  Freedom in a filter, perhaps so. Some however, will not let the filter go. Afraid to let the scars show, Afraid to be less then pro.
Welcome to America! Land of the brave and free.
Here I am I am here Mentally, physically With love and with fear   Myabe Im not the best At that or at this But I show up, and I arrive Which some cannot give  
You take a pic Selfie Sunday, right?
They give you the app  They tell you financial will help you BS They say its all great .. Thus, until stumbling upon some rocky roads BS How great it is to always be stressed out
I never imagined That this thing— Which had once terrified me And I had even turned down before— Could become such a fixture in my life, That after my addiction began, Its very absence
Once the years of  scholarly things come to a close, I wish to help those who've fallen.   Those who feel down, despise themselves for their body and their lacking
Abstinence. Not many know the meaning of the word. Of course, the definition is quite simple
Newly shod horsehoes clink on the shadowed stones leading into the light The dull roar of the crowd grows in volume as the jockey exits the sanctury within It is all on the line Waiting.
Only equestrians can possibly understand, the impossibly forgiving light, that the eye of a horse suggests. However, only equestrians can understand, that when it comes to ribbons and winning,
Always I believed that here - life is sweeter The grass on the other side was really never greener I loved going where the apples were grown; Feed some to the horses, and save one for my own
Having a dream and shooting for it. It's not easy. Most of us have dreams. Horses are my dream. Sounds so simple and easy, but is it really? Horses are my life, my passion, my dream.
When her daughter was young the mother called it a phase,“This horse obsession will be lost in a few days.The wanting of a pony and to ride is the new craze,
Ask me what my everything is and I will tell you, a horse She carries me when my troubles make me heavy She does almost everything I ask but is no servant She is beautiful but is not vain
I saw the best equestrians during my lifetime created by hard work and perseverance, Bonds with equines of all breeds and colors, along with friends who come and go, but, only the true bonds will last a lifetime,
Where Am I? Mexico?  I'm sorry, I don't speak spanish all that well. Shame on me? OK. Everything smells different. Roosters in the road. Where are all of the mountains & hills?
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