Death of A Dream


Welcome to America! Land of the brave and free.

Drown yourselves in pleasure, ignore the tears of Lady Liberty.

Please, leave your individuality at the door, that's not welcome here.

Have a seat in front of the TV and grab yourself a beer.


Enjoy yourself, you can do whatever we say!

It'll all be fine, as long as you're not different or gay.

Oh, your skin is a different color?

My dear we don't mind!

we accept all. In fact we're colorblind! 

However, please do be careful what you say.

If we don't like it we may just take your rights away.


Sing and rejoice in the American dream, which has since met its demise.

We have a pretty face, who really cares if we spew lies?

If you wish to stand alone, that's all well and good.

But you'll surely be condemned for not living as you should.

Don't worry! we don't care about you're intellect or your brain!

As long as you're hot it doesn't matter if you're insane.


Welcome to the death rattle of the American dream.

Welcome to the patriarchy, we're glad you joined the team.



I'm aware I used the wrong "your" in one of these sentences my bad I caught it too late


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