lie your so casual, how you dance around in my mind finally tripping out my mouth like broken melody's 

like shattered vowels cutting through my teeth

where is your manners?

you invite yourself into conversations you werent welcomed too 

do you ever think about what youve done ?

youve become a variable in a equation that  you do not fit in

youve made me keep a mental note of you 

youve made me rememeber you 

do you know what youve done to me?

i thought you could save me

i thought you could hide me

but everybody knows whats done in the dark comes to light

but i believed you over them

do you know what youve done to them?

yesterday i heard my baby cry because she found out about you 

and i always told her not to give into you

but i gave you to her

my mouth became your auction 

and you auctioned my words off to the highest bidder over and over

do my words have any value to you?did i tell you i could feel the pain in her cry i felt her cutting resntment into her arms 

do you know how many hearts youve broken today?

do you care how many families youve torn apart today ?

lie i made a promise i'd never tell you again and again and again

this would be my last lie


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