marble and more #nofilter



i am the clay, the marble, and the stone

  molded only by the hands of my own

   in the making, i was taken by the wrist and told to let go

    of the paintbrush, the paper, and the pencil

     they spoke enough until my head was full,

      of thoughts that i wasn’t worth a penny for my soul

       for awhile, the masterpiece wasn’t touched, so left alone

        dust collected, negatively affected, image of wreckage, soon to be resurrected

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

then it hit me......what are they to me? 

 miserable statues that stand in place for so long and go left unseen

  molded into boring scholars holding books in their hands and upon their     shoulders, white feces and crows' feet

   but i will be more, even if all of you do not believe

    because i own a piece of lead under my sleeve

     and choose to continue to conceive 

      thoughts on paper, life in pictures, and speak these feelings

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

this is who i am

a bit unfinished and unfiltered like Instagram


no valencia, no mirroring, no saturation, no lo-fi, no sam

turn the camera around

leave it alone

click that button

and find that

this is who i am





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