Tue, 01/20/2015 - 14:03 -- Rex


I am a limited edition,

I know you don’t like this competition,

But I don’t need your permission,

To be in this condition,

I’m Not Afraid of confrontation,

Or the number of your population,

I do not care of your position,

Or the number of your ammunition,

Cause I already built an impenetrable contraption,

Made from the Same Love, passion and religion,

All of the “rights” in which you have cost devastation,

I bet the White House can’t beat this fortification,

That in this mind; but overall in this heart, lives protection,

Protection against the world’s incomprehension,

And if you still don’t get my indication,

Of what I just mentioned,

Let me give you a suggestion,

Go get a dictionary & look up the words brainless and perception,

And look up their definitions.


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