Not many know the meaning of the word.

Of course, the definition is quite simple

but to know what it means to make that a lifestyle is where some get lost

You see, women tend to give up the most vauable part of them for the need to feel wanted and loved.

but wont you feel much more loved when that love is used by your soul mate?

pushing my feelings of love on to people is not what i do

but when people look down at the ring i bear for myself a storm of confusion grows cold on their face.

" is she still a virgin? "

" ya, i bet she's never had a serious relationship.."

well its true.

i am just a shy girl with a fear of the world around me.

but i know my morals

and i couldnt see myself any other way

to make my body a sacrifice is not the route i take

ill sit here and wait till i find someone who is looking for more then just a will to relase

Purity is my lifestyle, a choice

and this ring,

proves that some of us still have the will to sustain.




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